‘Falling Water’ recap 2×03 “Safehouse”

Falling Water recap: Season 2, Episode 3, “Safehouse”, Aired January 20th, 2018

Sabine is in jail for killing Kumiko. Tess is on the run with James to escape Jeremy and his friends, whoever they may be. Taka is still trying to get Alex to trust his instincts, and Burton is now under investigation from the very organization he teamed up with to put some very bad men away. Keep reading below to get the breakdown of that game changing episode!

Falling Water recap 2x03

On the run again

Tess does the only thing she can, and takes James on the run once again. But running is a lot harder when you have to do it in the real world and the dream world. The Shadowman seems to be closing in, but his endgame isn’t clear. Tess’ plate continues filling up when she finds out about her sister killing Taka’s mother. This might make things a little awkward between Taka and Tess. Fortunately, the two of them are able to band together and attempt to help Sabine. Both of them know that killing someone just isn’t something Sabine would do willingly.

Falling Water recap 2x03

When Tess talks to her sister, it becomes clear that the Shadowman was more than just a little involved. It’s a damn good thing James is as intuitive as he is. Tess doesn’t get away from Jeremy for long, as he begins following her through the city. But she has always been able to hold her own, and whomps him on the head. Again. If he didn’t have a concussion before, we’re fairly positive he does now! Not that he doesn’t completely deserve it. Tess did warn him, after all. She will do anything to protect her son, even if that means using him as bait to catch the Shadowman and end his rein of terror.

Mommy dearest

Taka is having a rough time dealing with Sabine killing his mother. Alex tries to convince Taka that Sabine’s resentment of having Kumiko live with them is why she killed her. But Taka refuses to believe it’s that simple. Dig into those dreams Taka! We don’t have to worry about Taka going with his gut, he is always one to let his intuition guide him. It’s part of what makes him so good at his job.

Falling Water recap 2x03

Taka goes back to his apartment as soon as he’s allowed and begins looking for some type of clue. We don’t think we would be able to step foot in there so soon, if ever again. But he is able to pull up some security footage from the alley adjacent to his apartment. Something Alex isn’t too happy about when she finds out. She’s clearly worried about his well being and isn’t all that willing to listen to any of his theories. We still have hope that Taka will be able to make Alex a believer. Eventually, Taka is able to convince Alex to run some plates for him and get him one small step closer to some answers.


Burton isn’t willing to close the case as cut and dry as the government would like. When Diane reveals to Burton that he is also being investigate for embezzling, we were as outraged as he was. We believe in you, Burton! There is a much deeper story with Woody and we trust that Burton will find out exactly what that is. The question is, how much trouble will Burton and the others have to get themselves into to find out?

Falling Water recap 2x03

What Burton isn’t willing to investigate at the moment is the situation with Sabine. He just doesn’t know if it’s a good idea to risk Tess and give her the hope that Sabine didn’t mean to kill Taka’s mother when the truth may be that it was premeditated. We love the fact that he is so protective over Tess, but we’re also happy to no end that he is finally able to realize that there is something ominous going on with people and their dreams.

Side by side

Burton is there for Tess, and more than happy to help her. Tess isn’t the first person that Burton has helped in times of need. We’ll add it to the endless list of reasons for why we love Burton. We’ve resisted shipping them for this long, especially with the whole Olivia situation. But there is undeniable chemistry between Tess and Burton. Their scenes together are some of our favorites. Add to that how amazing Burton is with James and our hearts have completely turned to mush. Things get even more intense when Burton and James decide to dream together so James can show Burton the Shadowman.

Falling Water recap 2x03

When the group is once again reunited, they discuss Taka’s case and the fact there is another dreamer out there forcing people to commit violent acts. Taka can’t get in to see Sabine without risking his badge, so it’s Tess to save the day. Our group gets together to discuss their next move regarding Jeremy and what exactly it is he wants from them. During their meeting, they also discuss what could be happening with the Shadowman and the threat against Burton from the FBI. Then we get to see them all dream together, and it was exactly what we never knew we needed!

Falling Water recap 2x03

What does Jeremy really want from Tess? What exactly is the Shadowman looking to accomplish? Will Burton, Tess, and Taka be able to beat him? Is there a chance of Alex becoming a believer and possibly a dreamer? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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