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‘Dynasty’ recap 1×11 “I Answer to No Man”

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 11, “I Answer to No Man”, Aired January 24th, 2018

Kidnappings, crazy team ups, sarcastic wit, and more! This week’s episode had everything you could want and more! Fallon isn’t one to go down without a fight, and her family isn’t willing to let her go either. It seems as if Jeff will do whatever it takes to get Fallon back as well. Keep reading below for the complete breakdown!

Dynasty recap 1x11

Big mouth, big trouble

Fallon’s unreliable nature seems to be a bit of her down fall as no one is immediately looking for her. In fact, no one seems to really notice she is missing at first. Sorry, Fallon. When you get out of this, maybe you should think of it as a learning experience and be a little more punctual. Fallon’s mouth, while we love the sarcasm that comes from it, really doesn’t help her in the current situation. This is one of the times when silence would be her best weapon.

Dynasty recap 1x11

Fallon and Cristal, no matter how different, seem to actually use their time in captivity together to bond a bit. We really think the two of them have the potential to make a good team. Maybe Fallon will be a bit nicer to Cristal since the woman did risk her own life to save Fallon. That doesn’t mean we don’t still want some snark, but maybe in a bit of a nicer fashion. With joking undertones.

Always business

Blake seems to finally be over Cristal’s lies. Let’s just hope there isn’t anyone else left to come out of the woodwork. Even if they don’t, this is a relationship that is clearly built for complications. Blake goes from zero to sixty real quick when he finds out Alejandro has his daughter. But he also says he isn’t paying the ransom. Blake attempts to solve everything on his own with Fallon, while also still trying to conduct business as usual. Including working with the new police chief. Blake really wants the new chief’s endorsement.

Dynasty recap 1x11

Cristal invites the new police chief to the Carrington home in order to get the endorsement for Blake. Then she goes against Blake at every turn, and ends up getting herself kidnapped along with Fallon. Way to go, Cristal. But she does prove selfless as she is able to distract Alejandro and Iris long enough to get Fallon out at her own expense. It’s been made pretty clear that Cristal does really care about the Carringtons, Fallon included. The business and the money may not be so high up on her list after all. Cristal continues her crusade as she and Iris team up and take Alejandro down. For good this time.

For love or revenge

Things get bigger as Jeff is brought into the situation by Michael. The best decision the driver has ever made. Jeff is only able to get a portion of the money. But combined with what Blake was able to come up with, the amount comes close to what Alejandro is asking. That and we are definitely loving the fact that Jeff provides no hesitation in doing what he can to get Fallon back. We’re forgetting about his whole plot to take the Carringtons out for the moment.

Dynasty recap 1x11

This results in a team up between Michael and Jeff. Something that doesn’t last long, as they quickly disagree about the best way to get Fallon back. The disagreement escalates into a drag down fight. We still aren’t sure who won that one. Jeff proves how smart he really is when he reveals to Michael that he put a tracker on the money and that’s how they’ll find Fallon. He makes a job offer to Michael while he’s at it. Jeff and Michael meet up with Blake at the location, but the cops show up before any of them can do anything. Good thing the new police chief is Jeff’s cousin.

Moving on and out

Steven and Sam are still continuing their cute capades. Sam is helping Steven pack his things up while offering him a bit of advice. No matter where he goes, he will still have his family. Steven seems pretty serious about leaving home for good this time. We are kind of hoping that it sticks.

Dynasty recap 1x11

But his plans for moving are put on hold as soon as Steven gets news about Fallon’s kidnapping. He wants to do whatever is necessary to get his sister back and isn’t interested in playing the game like Blake. But we think Blake had the best approach here. Then we were shocked by the news of Sam moving in with Steven. But the biggest shock comes from Anders when he actually sticks up for Sam and his innocence in the entire situation.

Family first

Cristal defends her sister to the police after giving Iris money. She didn’t want to let her sister go down for something that she clearly blamed herself for. Fallon shows us that she truly has matured to some extent as she backs up Cristal’s story with the new police chief. But Fallon and Cristal aren’t the only ones that surprised us as Jeff and Blake seem to have formed a bit of a friendship. Shaky, but a friendship. But things aren’t all warm and fuzzy as Michael lets Jeff in on the fact that he finds it suspicious Jeff’s cousin is the new chief of police.

Dynasty recap 1x11

What will happen with Cristal and Fallon now? Have Blake and Jeff found some common ground, or is it all a part of Jeff’s ultimate play? What about the mysterious Carrington family member? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs! Watch Dynasty Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW, and follow along with my live tweets during the show @Sarah_Jeanne17!

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