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‘Arrow’ Recap: 6×11 “We Fall”

Arrow recap: season 6, episode 11 “We Fall” aired Thursday, January 26th on The CW.

Original Team Arrow is back, baby! This episode felt so classic – Oliver and Felicity are solidly in love, but not without banter, and the two of them spend the episode working with John to defeat Cayden James. We’ve also got the new dynamic of NTA (New Team Arrow) who work really well as their own little trio. Let’s discuss!


Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle spend the majority of the episode in the bunker, working to stop Cayden James’s cyber attack on Star City. James tells Oliver that he’s going to unleash chaos on the city if Oliver doesn’t wire ten million of Star City’s dollars to an offshore account daily until instructed otherwise. This is intended to bankrupt the city, as a means to enact vengeance on Oliver for killing his son.

James’s evil villain speech reveals a few key details – firstly, the date that the supposed murder took place. Turns out, Oliver was off recruiting Dinah that day (how the heck did they remember that so quickly?!) so it couldn’t have been him. Some clever hacking reveals that someone in Corto Maltese sent James a flash drive containing “evidence” of the murder, so the team is one step closer to discovering who is behind this mess.

Of course, its not all smooth sailing with OTA. Diggle is still expecting to reclaim the hood now that his tremor is gone, but Oliver doesn’t seem to be on quite the same page.

Although OTA briefly reunites with NTA in a fight that is beautifully narrated by Felicity (as she’s talking to William) the teams ultimately go their separate ways and remain divided.


The New Team Arrow works with information from none other than Vincent, Dinah’s ex-partner turned traitor. Turns out, the traitor thing isn’t so accurate. Vincent supplies NTA with leads straight from Cayden’s team, where he’s working undercover. NTA doesn’t share these leads with OTA, further solidifying the split between the two teams.

Oh, and by the way, Dinah stopped a speeding train with her canary cry, which was by far the most bad ass moment of the episode.

If you ask us, this new dynamic kind of works. Its obvious that it’s supposed to be temporary (the episode titles literally spell out “Divided We Fall”) but with the flashbacks absent, the secondary team provides the perfect amount of balance and parallel to Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle’s adventures. It seems like the perfect compromise between those who love the new team, those who love the classic team, and most fans who love both.

Step Mom in Training

This week’s subplot centered around William and his new life with Oliver and Felicity. William has quickly adjusted to Felicity’s role as step-mom, and at times seems to be even closer with her than Oliver. He’s most definitely Oliver’s kid, though, because when his bus is attacked he quickly springs into action, saving every kid on board (plus, kid’s got mad archery skills already). And although he’s not biologically Felicity’s, he’s the perfect kid for her, acing a math assignment far above his grade level.

Arrow has done a fantastic job with Oliver and Felicity’s relationship. They are comfortably in love and, as Felicity puts it, at “maximum level domesticity.” Gone is the petty drama – what’s left is a quiet contentment that isn’t boring and thankfully not devoid of banter.

What’s next?

The episode ended with Oliver instructing Thea to wire the money. It seems that, despite his claims to the contrary, he is indeed negotating. This daily payment can’t go on forever, and we can’t wait to see how the Team Arrows (both of them) work this one out.

Memorable Quotes:

“Take your Flash backpack and don’t miss your bus.”

“I think we’ve reached maximum level domesticity.”

“Do you think this “T” on my face stands for gullible?”

“At least she can read, unlike your mom.”

“You didn’t bother telling us? How very Oliver Queen of you.”

“I’ve loved your dad from the first time he brought me a bullet-riddled computer.”

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