The 6 best moments from ‘Shameless’ episode 8×11, “A Gallagher Pedicure”

Shameless recap: Season 8, Episode 11 “A Gallagher Pedicure,” Aired Jan. 21, 2018.

This week on Shameless, it’s all out war with Fiona and the guy who fell off her roof! A Gallagher is also losing a few toes! We’ve got the 6 best moments!

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#1. Pastor Gallagher

Ian is still holding church and trying to help any kid that needs it. What happens when their parents come after them? Ian just blows up their van! We thought he was doing a good thing and in a way he still is. However, he’s going to get himself arrested if he keeps messing with people’s personal property.

#2. Who needs toes?

Debbie was injured on her night welding job. The hospital tells her that she’ll need to have an operation then extensive physical therapy. Considering that she doesn’t have insurance, Debbie decides to take matters into her own hands. She learns via the internet that you don’t need all of your toes so she decides to cut them off herself. Debbie ropes Liam in to help but he passes out after getting a look at her toes. Debbie decides she’ll do it herself and she also passes out. Thankfully, Frank comes in drunk and takes care of the problem for her.

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#3. Night and Shining Gallagher.

Cierra finds out that her father has been released from prison. Her first stop? Lip’s house. Cierra is afraid to be home by herself so she and her son crash with Lip. Lip is supposed to be going to her place to pick up some stuff but gets detoured. He finds her dad and provokes him so that he will swing first. Parole violation sends old dad back to prison! Cierra is very grateful to Lip if you know what we mean.

#4. Frank is up to his old tricks.

Frank is still determined to retire. Even if he does it illegally. He’s stolen some wallets and plans to file for retirement benefits under several unsuspecting candidates. Unfortunately for him, the individuals he’s chosen are either dead or already getting retirement benefits. Maybe he can earn money cutting off unwanted body parts? He was able to help Debbie out and even cauterized when he was done!

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#5. Mr. and Mrs. Gallagher.

Carl did, in fact, get married. Just what he needs. Frank thinks it’s a great thing because Kassidi’s family is loaded. Carl already knows the girl is crazy. Kassidi tells him since they’re married they don’t have to use protection anymore. Say what? That’s all he needs! She’s also convinced him to stay with her instead of returning to school. Hopefully, he changes his mind but it’s not looking good for Corporal Carl.

#6. Don’t mess with Fiona.

Fiona tries to reason with the guy who fell off her roof. She doesn’t have enough insurance to pay the settlement he’s asking for. The contractor he worked for doesn’t have insurance at all. She’s let the couple stay in her apartment for free and they’ve invited their entire family to move in too. Not only that, but they changed the locks and stole Fiona’s dog!

Fiona gives them a chance to work it out with her. When they refuse, she nails a board over the door. She also cuts a hole in the wall so she can rescue her dog. Ford was Fiona’s accomplice. All of the wrongdoing turns them both on, of course. If Fiona isn’t careful she’ll be pregnant before Kassidi is!

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What did you think of this episode of Shameless? Can the season finale be any more explosive than this episode was? We’re betting it can! Tweet us your thoughts at @Pure_Fandom or @ndintelman34.

Shameless airs Sunday’s at 9/8c on Showtime.

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