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‘The Flash’ 4×11 recap: “The Elongated Knight Rises”

The Flash episode “The Elongated Knight Rises” aired on January 23, 2018.

After last week’s dour courtroom drama, “The Elongated Knight Rises” was a nice, lighthearted detour from the main Thinker plot.

While the Flash is out of commission, some random, completely normal guy tries to rob a jewellery store. He holds the employees hostage while making demands – a porsche, a flight, some salad because even criminals need a healthy lifestyle. Surprisingly doable demands for a change. Ralph stretches in and gets the hostages out safely. He then confuses the robber by talking too much and eliminates the biggest threat – a bomb – by detonating it into himself. Fortunately, he inflates without exploding.

While the team reprimands him for that risky move, Ralph mourns his lack of a good superhero name. The media has taken to calling him “Stretchy Man”. The only good thing coming out of this is all the “stretch” puns for the rest of the hour.

Look down, look down, upon your fellow men

Meanwhile, Barry is settling into his prison routine. Mind his own business, mop the floors dutifully, and look forward to his daily talk with Iris. The smiles on their faces when they see each other is heart-melting. The trickster fam should take notes – more on that later. Barry has also added a “So was Barry” to his dad’s “Henry Allen was here”.

the flash barry allen inmate
image: the CW

By the way, Barry with a mop – very cute.

In the courtyard, Barry encounters Trickster Jr, Axel Walker. Axel points out “Big Sir” – a big, muscular guy you wouldn’t want to cross – before succumbing to stomachache from a bad pudding. He is taken to the med bay, where the nurse attacks the guards to break him out. It’s the Trickster Mum, Prank!

A gang of inmates start picking on Barry. Things nearly escalate into a fight in the gym, but Big Sir steps in and takes the guys out. After some prodding, Big Sir tells Barry that Henry Allen operated on him when he had severe appendicitis. The inmate gang return to beat up Big Sir, but Barry intervenes. He uses his powers to make the gang members take themselves out. “Like father, like son,” remarks Big Sir, aka Dave.

The next day, Barry finally gets to hold Iris’ hand by phasing through the glass. They had bad luck with the CCTV during their last conversation.

Where is Mark Hamill?

When your father is off fighting ungrateful apprentices and saving the galaxy doing…well we don’t really know. Anyway, Axel needs daddy’s attention. He decides to kill that funny new superhero Stretchy Man, because there is only room for one funny metahuman.

Ralph manages to withstand Trickster Jr’s exploding balls and shurikens. A super-acid concoction ends up being his weakness. Cisco quickly vibes him back to Star Labs for treatment. Ralph doesn’t know what Kryptonite is, so Iris whacks his injured leg.

Trickster Jr and mama Prank take some random people hostage and threaten to burn them with superacid unless Stretchy Man shows up. A scarred Ralph backs down from the challenge. He thought he was invincible and his confidence has been shaken. He sneaks into Iron Heights to break Barry out so the Flash can save the day. Instead, Barry gives him a pep talk about being a superhero.

Return of the Beebo

Cisco and Harry are getting good at provoking Caitlin into becoming Killer Frost. The secret: yell at her in sync. Vibe and Killer Frost try to rescue the hostages and are attacked by some Beebo dolls. So Beebo’s have been selling since 1992, and they didn’t even update the design?

arrowverse beebo
image: alexmaggie on tumblr

Unfortunately, the Trickster fam tricks Killer Frost and Vibe, taking them hostage instead. But the Stretchy Man shows up in a brand new suit to rival Trickster Jr and Prank’s outfits! Ralph stretches himself into a slingshot while Trickster Jr shoots acid at him from a water gun – and somehow misses. That guy has the aim of a stormtrooper. No wonder Mark Hamill is ignoring him.

Slingshot Ralph knocks out Trickster Jr, but Prank pulls the lever to release the superacid. In a brave move, Ralph throws himself over Caitlin and Cisco despite his fear of said acid. Luck for him, Harry neutralised the vat just in time. Speaking to the press outside, Ralph inadvertently renames himself the Elongated Man. Not as cool as ‘the Flash’ or ‘Killer Frost’, but it’s better than Stretchy Man. He and Cisco grab celebratory coffee, realising at the cashier that neither of them brought any money.

Enter chatty waitress (supposedly Dawn Allen???) from the Westallen wedding. She pays for their drinks and goes off on a spiel about infinite possibilities or something. As the guys leave, we see her taking notes in the weird symbol language Barry used fresh out of the speedforce. What does that mean?!

P.S. If she doesn’t write “This house is bitchin'” somewhere in there, what’s the point?

Where’s Wally?

You know who else could protect Central City in the Flash’s absence? Kid Flash. Earlier this week, the CW officially announced that Wally is moving over to Legends of Tomorrow. He will fill the void left by Jax and the late Martin Stein, collectively Firestorm. The Waverider needs a new engineer anyway. Still, he has not really gotten a real goodbye scene on The Flash. Hopefully one will come within the next 3 weeks, before Legends continues season 3.


  • “Nice suit, Fall Out Boy.” – Ralph @ Trickster Jr
  • “You’re really blowing this up.”

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(featured image: the CW)


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