‘The Good Doctor’ 1×13 recap: “Seven Reasons”

The Good Doctor 1×123recap: Season 1, Episode 13, “Seven Reasons,” aired Jan. 22, 2018.

I’ve got to say, this was one of the most powerful, important episode I have seen in a while. In all of the T.V. world. These writers are fantastic, and the cast who brings to life the writing are just as fantastic. You’re probably sick of me saying this, but we need more shows like this. Shows that don’t just entertain but provided meaningful messages that we can all learn from. Okay, off the soapbox; let’s dig in!

The Tension, people!

Suffice to say, the tension is super thick within the confines of the hospital. Phew! Can you imagine going to work with so much drama? I’m sure some of you can relate, and I feel for you. Melendez and Andrews are pretty peeved at Jared for how he went about getting his job back, so they kept butting heads. In fact, it was almost comical how they butt heads. Especially when Jared was like “I think you’re being very professional,” and then Melendez was like “shut up.” LOL. There was also the part when Melendez told Jared that he can “kiss his ass.” Seriously, I am living for this sass. I sometimes relate to Melendez too much.

To top all that off, Shaun is hounding Melendez about his breakup. He keeps asking him if he’s traumatized and how he’s getting over it. Of course Melendez doesn’t give Shaun the time of day in regards to this. He was totally trolling. Well, up until Shaun tells on him for making a “mistake” during surgery. Jessica has to get involved because it’s her job, and Melendez is annoyed that she’s trusting Shaun more than him. So, there’s that whole thing with the two exes.

Women supporting women

Claire learns that Dr. Coyle, otherwise known as Dr. Douche, has been transferred to a smaller hospital with a lesser job. However, he may have gotten a lesser job, but he still received a raise. She’s upset to learn that, and she rushes to the VP of the office, upset that he didn’t even get fired. Claire had every right to be upset. At one point, Claire makes it clear that she only wants to prevent what Dr. Coyle did to other towards other woman. They addressed sexual harassment in the world place with such delicacy. I love the fact we have a character who is fighting, not just for herself, but for other women have been mistreated in the workplace. That’s powerful and so important.

We need women supporting other women. We need that support system, and The Good Doctor is giving us that message so clearly. During the episode, we also learn the patient Claire is assisting who had a stroke, is abusing his wife. The wife wants the man to die—insisting they pull the plug. Claire goes to her, telling her that no man can make you feel belittled or make you feel like you’re not enough. That they are stronger than what they are told. She encourages the wife to tell her son the truth and leave the husband, but having him die is not the way.

Then she seeks out another woman who had been harassed by Coyle, and I just love Claire. She wants to support others who’ve been in her situation. Like I said, women supporting other woman is so important! It’s giving us a voice, especially during today’s climate in sexual assault. Claire is a perfect example of a strong and independent woman who can hold her own.


Shaun, Jared and Melendez team up to help a patient with a burn on her arm. Between the squabbles of the three, the whole situation deals with stereotyping and consent. When Jared laid a comforting hand on her, she told him not to touch her unless required to help her. I’m sure Jared didn’t mean it in a different way, but I like that they’re letting their female characters address consent to any situation. Even Shaun agrees with the girl.

However, Shaun believes that their patient may be a terrorist as she has some chemical in her systems used to make explosives. Melendez is upset with Shaun’s accusation about the patient. Shaun thoroughly believes that the girl isn’t as innocent as they all think. In fact, as he’s tending to her, she asks him if he ever feels separated from his peers because of his autism. Then she tells him about the bigotry she experiences, and how she deals with so much stereotyping because of her skin color. He still scoffs at her, even telling her, as she has a heart attack, that it’s brought on by anxiety from her being a liar. Oh, Shaun. Turns out that she did, indeed, have chemicals in her system, but not from making an explosive. From making perfume; the chemical was from her brother who stole it from work, and she didn’t want to rat him out. Apparently the perfume was beautiful but stupid. Honestly, Shaun.

Stop it right now

At the end of the episode, Shaun confronts Glassman. (Side note: someone on Twitter pointed out to me he was Snow’s dad on Once Upon a Time, and I can’t get over that.) He was upset with him prior for skipping out on their usual breakfast, but Shaun decides he wants to make amends. Shaun tells him that he would like to be his friend, but Glassman doesn’t give him an answer. MY HEART!

Contributing to the heart break, Jessica tells Melendez that maybe they made a mistake breaking up. But he tells her that they didn’t. OH MY GOSH. At least he owns up to being arrogant. About dang time.

So, yeah. This episode was a little heavy, but it was done so well. These issues need to be addressed, so I’m glad the show is invoking these messages. What did you think of the episode? Sound off below!

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