5 Awesomely amazing anime weapons

Anime weapons come in all shapes and sizes. You can find these magical, supernatural weapons wielded by hard working losers and tenacious warriors and magical girls and near-mute monsters and goofball monkey men and the quiet smart kid with plans for world domination. From speedy little daggers to behemoth two-handed swords to bows made of roses to lightning-infused maces to hybrid quarterstaff/nunchucks/pistols to a little black book, the possibilities are quite literally innumerable. The weapon can unlock a bit of hidden potential or push a character into a new realm of ridiculous possibilities.

But the only kinds of anime weapons I’m concerned with today are those that are simply AWESOME

Additionally I think one of the coolest parts of cosplay is seeing how people pull off these insanely accurate replicas of anime weapons. So I’m going to throw in some of my favorite cosplay renditions but I’ll still link to the anime and manga versions of these weapons.

Here are five of my favorite awesomely amazing anime weapons!

Warning: Minor spoilers may be present. Yet I hope they are minor enough that if you dig the weapon, then you’ll take a chance on the anime.


Gideon – Seven Deadly Sins

Amazing anime weapons

Cosplayer: SuperKayce

Photographer: Nude Carbon Studios

Gideon is the sacred treasure of Diane, the Serpent’s Sin of Envy. This war hammer is so big that it stands taller than the one who wields it (who happens to be a giant 30 feet tall). For all the overpowered characters in Seven Deadly Sins, it is hard to imagine another hero having the physical strength to use this massive hammer. Despite Gideon’s massive size (which has to be amongst the largest of all anime weapons), the true power it holds is as a conduit for Diane’s magical power. Gideon draws out Diane’s ability to manipulate the earth around her into fantastic attacks against her opponents.


Shiny Rod – Little Witch Academia

Amazing anime weapons

Cosplayer: Livicole Cosplay

(What would my articles be without at least one point breaking my rules?) The Shiny Rod isn’t really what I’d consider to be a weapon. It is a hard to compromise with wizardly/witchy implements. I mean c’mon, even Gandalf had a sword to use! But the Shiny Rod qualifies as awesome because of all forms it takes to help Akko on her journey. At different points it becomes a bow with arrows that open up portals, a great axe, and a flying broom with super speed. It also tracks the progress of Akko as she awakens the Seven Words of Arcturus.


Tsubaki – Soul Eater

Amazing anime weapons

Cosplayers: Batsuevil87 & jessicacicca

Photographer: CosmoplayStaff (Verona Comics 2010)

Here we go with another weapon that takes many different forms – Tsubaki is the Death Weapon used by BlackStar. She is the hybrid of a weapon and a soul. Tsubaki is special in that she is a Death Weapon that can take on 6 different forms to help her meister out in combat (by contrast the other weapons in Soul Eater only have 2 forms). Most often she is a chain scythe that BlackStar uses to trap his opponents. But she has a smoke bomb form (to provide cover and escapes), a shuriken mode (to provide a ranged component), a ninja sword mode (for quick attacks) and a katana form (for powerful strikes).


The Punisher – Trigun

Amazing anime weapons

Cosplayer: Kaigan Cosplay

Photographer: Marco Mambrelli

Who doesn’t like a bevy of weapons hidden inside something that looks nothing like a weapon? The surprise factor is just too amazing to pass up. That’s what we get with Nicholas D Wolfwood’s Punisher. This nearly 6 foot tall, 300 pound transforming cross has 2 forward facing machine guns, a rocket launcher in the back and storage for multiple pistols. Wolfwood remarks about the heavy weight of the weapon by saying “that it is so full of mercy”. At the end he is thankful for the Punisher’s sturdy construction as it is the only thing supporting him.


Ea – Fate/Zero

Amazing anime weapons

Cosplayer: yoviens griffyd

Photographer: Johanesbp

Rather than having many forms, my last selection here has many names: Ea – the Star of Creation that split Heaven and Earth, the sword of rupture, the greatest treasure of Babylon, and the only sword that does not exist in this world. It may have the name of a sword but I’d liken it closer to a divine rod. As such there is only one Ea and it can only be wielded by the self-proclaimed King of Heroes, Gilgamesh. What makes Ea so awesome though? It has the power to rip apart the world should the wielder wish it.


Please take a second and visit all these wonderfully creative cosplayers and give their work a Like!

So because this list is by no means comprehensive…what are some of your favorite awesomely amazing anime weapons? Leave a link! I would love to hear your thoughts.


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