‘This Is Us’: 5 things we want to see for the remainder of season 2

We’re two episodes into the second half of This Is Us season 2, and already, we’re in for a whirlwind of emotions. After the last episode gave us a major clue into the circumstances of Jack’s death, we know it’s only a matter of time before we’re knee deep in grief. Based off of what we have seen so far, we have ideas for what we would love to see happen.

Randall and Kate


We haven’t seen much of Randall and Kate’s relationship, but we know the two are close and were together the night their dad died, or at least they were in the aftermath. It’s unknown what they experienced, whether together or apart. However, it did help shape who they would eventually become in the present. Kate once recognized her brother was dealing with losing two fathers and Randall ended up comforting her. Randall could be who Kate turns to over her feelings of guilt over losing their dad. This would be a touching scene between the two. Plus, we’d get a glimpse into their relationship.



Miguel appears to be growing on the fanbase since we know the truth over his feelings about Rebecca. Unfortunately, he is still an outcast in the family. Kevin wasn’t so kind to him in the last episode, but after getting answers he needed, it could be a journey of healing. We don’t know exactly how Kate and Randall feel about him. When we first saw older Miguel, Randall was quite terse with him while he had nothing but warmth regarding his mother. I’d love to see if his relationship with Number Two and Three will be addressed.

Jack’s ghost


We’ve seen Randall and Kevin have hallucinations regarding their father, although Randall was high when his occurred. Kate is the only one who has yet to have a vision of her late father and maybe seeing him will help her deal with her guilt. Another interesting glimpse of Jack’s ghost I would love to see is him watching over his grown children.

Tess and Annie

This Is Us Tess Annie

In dealing with his own issues and everything happening, Randall has been missing an important person in his life who has already sent out a signal that she needs help. Tess and Annie seem to get lost in the storylines going on around them and we hope someone notices the girls need attention. We’ve seen that Annie seems to be doing fine despite how young she is, but Tess isn’t as fine as appears. The aftermath of the DUI in which she ran away in Kevin’s car has yet to be touched upon in regards to why she did what she did.

Toby, Kevin, and Randall

This Is Us Toby Kevin

We know distance is the culprit in this scenario, but we have yet to see Toby truly bond with Kate’s brothers. He was jealous over Kevin and Kate’s closeness and felt she would turn to her brothers before him. Now that Kevin is making amends with his family, perhaps we will get to see Kevin and Randall welcome Toby into the fold as brothers-in-laws.

What else would you like to see this season? Let us know in the comments below or find us on Twitter! We will see you next week for the recap of the next episode, “That’ll Be the Day.”

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