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Things only Oncers would understand

A guide to things only Oncers would understand!

Being apart of a fandom is a bond. You understand each other; you speak to each other using quotes from your favorite show; you scream over scenes and characters from the show. With the Once Upon a Time fandom, there are things only Oncers would truly understand. Things that if you got too fangirlish or fanboyish over, you would get questioning looks. Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s pretty awkward when it happens. So, here are things only us Oncers would get.

Hot cocoa and cinnamon is the only way to go


I am not a fan of hot cocoa, but if I ever do have it, cinnamon must be included in it. You might get questioning looks from your friends at your choice of substituting marshmallows for cinnamon, but hey, they will never understand. Plus, cinnamon is good. And Emma Swan likes it soooo.

You know Captain Hook is actually hella hot


The strange looks when you say Captain Hook is hot is PRICELESS. Sometimes I say it because I enjoy watching people’s faces just drop. Compared to the original Captain Hook in Disney’s Peter Pan, I am forever thankful to OUAT for giving him a makeover. It would be a whole other story otherwise. We understand that Hook is actually an attractive dude.

Hope is a powerful thing


Do you ever catch yourself going off on hope tangents? Or do you often tell yourself to have hope during tough situations? Well, Mary Margaret sure has gleaned that off onto the fandom. In fact, Hope is the name Colin and Jen would want as Emma and Hook’s baby. It’s powerful, to say the least.

Apples, not always for eating


You can’t help but cringe when you see apples. Is it going to be poisonous? Will I go under a sleeping curse lie Snow did? You just never know! It’s okay to be wary of the red fruit. I ate an apple a couple weeks ago, and I live to tell the tale! (I don’t actually believe apples will send you into a sleeping curse, just so we’re clear. I felt like I needed to include that. :p)

You have sympathy for the Evil Queen


Who would have thought the Evil Queen would be your inspiration? A castle, killer dresses, power, what’s not to like? But underneath the cold exterior, you know she’s just misunderstood. You can’t help but feel for Regina at times (besides the whole murdering and curse thing). Like when Henry didn’t know who she was in 3b, you just wanted to give her a hug through the screen.

A red leather jacket is a must


A red leather jacket has become somewhat of a symbol. When you don a red leather jacket, you feel powerful and brave. It’s kind of like your armor. Just like it was for Emma. Also, it’s a good fashion piece to have in your closet. I believe it was fate when a family friend gave me her red leather jacket before I even started the show.

Your kind of love story is a pirate and a princess


Romeo and Juliet who?! Some of us choose our favorite love story as that of a pirate and a princess. The unlikely, but perfect duo of Emma Swan and Killian Jones (Capt. Hook) has stolen our hearts. So when people ask for my favorite love story ever told, I say, “Captain Swan, duh.” Also, a lot of people already assume this of me. Like somehow the people on my news team knows…am I that transparent? (Also, heyyy guyzzz, if you’re reading this!)

You scream “it’s Emma!” when a yellow bug goes by


Yellow bugs aren’t just cars that you see every so often on the roads. Whenever you see one, your mind reverts right to Emma Swan. As if she’s the only one allowed to captain such a vessel. Ha, see what I did there? My mind automatically questions, “was that Emma Swan driving by?” Because, you know, Emma could totally be driving by your school….

Grilled cheese and onion rings is the lunch of champions


There are days when you’re just dying for a grilled cheese sandwich and onion rings. To others, this must seem like a normal comfort food lunch, but Oncers know better than that. While it is a comfort meal, it’s also Emma’s number one food choice. You can’t just have a grilled cheese without an order of onion rings. That would simply be asinine.

It’s all fandom speak at the end of the day, but we are fluent in our own language and ideas. Did I get this right? What is one thing that only you, as a Oncer, would understand? Sound off below!

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