‘The Good Doctor’ 1×12 recap: “Islands Part Two”

The Good Doctor 1×12 recap: Season 1, Episode 12, “Islands Part Two,” aired Jan. 15, 2018.

“Will there ever be happiness?” I scream into oblivion. Phew, this was a tough episode for a lot of reasons. Okay, so they’re always pretty touch because let’s face it, this show is a drama through and through. Amongst all the sadness, we did get some nice surprises in this episode. Let’s dig in, shall we?!

Hard choices

As evident by the “Part 2” in the episode title, this is a continuation of last episode. We left off with the twins, Katie and Jenny, having been separated. All seems to be going well, but Jenny is struggling with being apart from her sister. Katie is struggling a little more, but in a different sense. Her life is hanging by the balance.

The doctors talk to their mother that Katie cannot be saved. She has to make the choice of taking her off the life support she’s on. I can’t even imagine how difficult of that decision was for the mother. It was either lose one girl or both. This is why I could never be a doctor because I wouldn’t be able to handle that. It was heart breaking. They go to let Katie die peacefully, but she wasn’t ready to go. Only this show can make me cry one minute and then hang onto hope the next.

However, Shaun suggests that they reconnect the twins to their hips to stimulate blood, which they agree to do.

Emergencies vs. road trips

I loved how Shaun just walked into the hospital after being MIA for two days as if nothing happened. He’s all  like “hey, let’s do this surgery. Woo!” But the other doctors are a little irritated with him. I don’t blame them; Shaun should have taken responsibility for his actions and not have left them hanging for a couple of days.

It turns out, they didn’t know Shaun’s whereabouts because when he mentions he was on a road trip, kissing Leah, they were super peeved. Melendez (or was in Andrews?), scolded Shaun. Apparently Glassman had told everyone that Shaun was having a personal emergency and needed the time off. That didn’t sit well with them. Melendez tells Shaun he better look up the definition of an emergency and a road trip. In Shaun’s defense, sometimes a road trip is an emergency when you need to get away. But Melendez is right, what Shaun did wasn’t right.

Claire asks Shaun about the road trip, and he reveals to her that Leah is moving. Shaun is putting in his two weeks notice to go with her to Hershey. Claire’s face drops, and she tells him that he needs to think about his choice. She also tells him she’ll miss him. I know I yammer on about this, but their friendship is so special. It’s very rare to see a boy-girl friendship that is completely platonic. I love it.

Oh, Jared

I can’t believe I actually miss Jared being at the hospital. What can I say, his backstory really won me over! After having been told by Andrews that he wasn’t giving him his job back, he took things into his own hands. Meaning, he got the law involved. The lawyer paid a visit to Jessica, telling her to look into some past cases of physical assault in the work place. What she finds doesn’t sit well with her. And they left it like that! I just wanted to know what was in the folder, but thankfully, we learned what was within the folder shortly after.

Jessica pays Allegra a visit, slamming the folder onto the table. It contains a case in which a white doctor physically assaulted someone, but he was not dismissed from his position in the hospital. The reason being? He was a man with a lot of money, and he was a good donor to the hospital. Jessica isn’t okay with that information, and Allegra snaps back, asking Jessica if she’s accusing her of being racist. It was a really intense scene. This show does not shy away from tackling serious issues such as this. These kinds of scenes can be difficult to execute, but the show did it really well and tasteful. It’s never an easy topic to address, but it does need to be addressed.


As Shaun packs Leah up, she tells him he needs to think over his decision to leave. Even though Shaun hates that everyone is helping him and not letting him be independent, she tells him it’s only because they care about him. I was glad in this moment that she didn’t try to steer him away from staying. It was a completely selfless thing to do on her part, and I was relived to see it. Thankfully, Shaun ends up staying. Yay!

At a lunch with his lawyer, Jared tells him that he doesn’t want the settlement money. He wants his job back. The lawyer looks at him as if he’s crazy, considering the money he would receive is a lot more than what he would make working. I was looking at my TV screen at Jared thinking the same thing. I mean given the choice of working long hours and being handed money, take the money! But it’s the principle of things; I get it. Just as they all go into surgery, Jared comes sauntering in. Casual. But not before Andrew tells him how disappointed he is that Jared was going to out the hospital for discrimination if he didn’t get his job back. I sense rocky roads ahead for Jared.

It turns out, Katie can no longer hold on, and she passes away. Oh my gosh. I swear, this show is killing me with all the emotions. I can’t deal. Then we have the deal where Jessica breaks it off with Melendez because she knows how much he wants kids, and she can’t be the reason he’s unhappy. WILL YOU JUST STOP!?

So, yah. It was a pretty emotionally charged episode last night. The writers of the show did tweet that it would be, but maybe I was just too naive to take it to heart. Always take it to heart. Next week looks to be a Shaun vs. Melendez episode. No! They’ve come so far. What did you think of the episode? Sound off below!

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