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‘Arrow’ discussion: What’s next for married Olicity?

Arrow did the thing most showrunners have been warned against—they married their main couple. Risky? Maybe, but this was the best thing Arrow could do with Olicity at this moment in time.

There’s a reluctance among TV writers to commit to a solid relationship between two characters. They call it “The Moonlighting Curse” (named after the show). It’s a belief that when a will-they/won’t-they couple settles on will, permanently, they lose the spark. Arrow, however, has struggled with the exact opposite. The show thrives when its main coupling is happy, and drags when they are apart.

Marrying Oliver and Felicity was the best choice for Arrow—with a legal bond between the two, there’s less of a chance for petty drama or spontaneous breakups, and more time to focus on the team dynamic (which, yes, includes the Olicity romance.) But what’s next for the fan-favorite couple now that they’re married? Here’s what we’d like to see (and what we wouldn’t.)


Married Olicity Wish-List

1. Time with William

This one is crucial. With Felicity officially becoming William’s stepmother, it’s crucial that we see the three of them bonding as a family. By no means do we expect Felicity to replace William’s mother (she can’t and won’t), but it will be good for William to have a maternal presence around and to see a true love between his father and stepmom.

2. A few OTA missions, for old time’s sake

As much as we love the new team, we’re looking forward to getting back to the Original Team Arrow dynamic for a while in 6B. It’s sure to be temporary, but it will be wonderful to see the OG team working together, especially with Olicity happily married. OTA is a throwback to a time when an Oliver and Felicity relationship was nothing more than a far-off dream, so revisiting it with that dream realized will be surreal in the best way.

3. Pet names

This one is simple. Bring back the “hon’s” and the “baby’s” and all the other endearing terms, and we will be happy campers.

4. Facing everything together

The thing we’d most like to see this season is Oliver and Felicity as a truly married duo, facing anything and everything together as a couple. They’ve been through so much, they deserve to spend the rest of the series blissfully secure in their relationship. They will argue (they always have), but at the end of the day, they should never question their commitment and love for one another.

5. The good kind of angst

Call us masochists, but we love a little pain every once and a while. It’s got to be the good kind, though. Not the “possibly cheating spouse,” or “hiding a secret from my wife,” kind of angst, but more like the “you’re in danger and I love you,” or “there was an explosion and I thought you were dead,” kind. Basically, just give us all the “I almost lost you” reunions we can handle, please.


Things that should definitely not happen

Sometimes, when a show doesn’t know what to do with a married couple, they resort to some overused clichés. Here are a few things that will have us shooting arrows at our TV if they ever occur on Arrow.

1. Contrived drama

Don’t do it, Arrow. Just don’t. There’s been enough contrived and emotionally exhausting relationship drama. Let this couple be happy. They can argue and bicker, but no drama for the sake of drama. You made the right call marrying these two, and we don’t ever want to see you abandon that.

2. Do not kill Felicity

Do not kill Felicity. Do not kill Felicity. Surely, Arrow wouldn’t kill off its most popular and well-loved character, but it deserves to be said. Turning this into a “my wife is dead” vendetta would instantly destroy the show.

3. Miscommunication

There’s a tendency to create conflict between two characters entirely over a miscommunication. Arrow would do well to stay away from this tactic. Oliver and Felicity communicate well, and there is plenty of realistic conflicts the show can utilize without resorting to silly misunderstandings.

Do you agree with our list? Have anything to add? Comment below or tweet us about it – @Pure_Fandom and @reagandpierce! And be sure to check out our Arrow Cave for weekly recaps and random outbursts of Olicity love!

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