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‘The Flash’: 5 things we want from season 4 in 2018

Hello Central City! The Flash is back tomorrow! Well, the show at least, not the actual character because Barry is detained and on trial for murder.

We all know that the back half of this season will center around proving Barry’s innocence and ultimately taking down Clifford DeVoe, the Thinker. This parallels the plight of Henry Allen in season 1 – wrongfully convicted. The rules of fiction dictate that Barry will get out of jail eventually, so no need to worry there. The question is: what happens in between? Here’s what we want to see.

the flash joe west iris west-allen caitlin snow
image: the CW

1. Reporter Iris

I love how Iris has become an integral part of the Star Labs team, and boss lady no less. She keeps everyone grounded and focused. However, I’d like to see her kicking ass at her regular day job as a reporter too. It seems like a lot of people have forgotten about that aspect of her life. Barry’s trial is a great opportunity to bring that back. Due to conflict of interest, Iris won’t be allowed to report directly about the trial. Still, she can put her investigative skills as a reporter to work, possibly finding evidence to implicate the DeVoes. In a current economy rampant with fake news, Iris’ position as a reporter is also a gateway to exploring/exposing how the media works to craft stories.

the flash iris west barry allen joe west
image: the CW

2. More Wally

Wally has been GLARINGLY absent from much of season 4. In part this was due to Keiynan Lonsdale’s personal schedule. However, it was frustrating how he was written out of episodes with an absolute lack of care. It’s a shame, because whatever few Wally scenes we’ve gotten have been gems. I mean, speaking Japanese? I could do with a random scene of him watching anime in a corner of Star Labs with a bag of chips. At the same time, I could also use a dose of Kid Flash in action, like that glorious slow-mo of him catching bullets in the crossover.

the flash wally west
image: sseureki on tumblr

3. Harry dishing out advice to Barry

Harry and Cisco’s banter is hella amazing. I’m sure no one wants any of that to go away. But Harry could talk to Barry for a change. Barry can oscillate between idealism and being really down on himself. Iris can comfort him emotionally, but straightforward, pragmatic Harry Wells is the guy to knock some sense into him and help Barry focus on what needs to be done.

the flash harry wells
image: diianawonka on tumblr

4. Iris and Caitlin

We’ve seen Barry and Cisco express their belief that Caitlin can overpower her Killer Frost persona on more than one occasion. However, Iris’ faith in Caitlin has long been overlooked. She trusted Caitlin to not over-freeze her when her arm was decaying (season 3 episode 12). Caitlin, who has, for most part of her post-accelerator-explosion life cooped herself up in Star Labs, hasn’t really had a female friend. It was nice to see her smiling in the company of Iris and the other ladies leading up to the Westallen wedding. Hopefully the budding friendship between the two women at Star Labs will get to blossom this year.

the flash caitlin snow iris west
image: ithinkimightveinhaledyou on tumblr

5. Another musical

I mean…why not? Last season’s musical came within weeks of the finale, so it’s never too late or inopportune to break into some song and dance. Darren Criss’ Music Meister was grossly underused, Jesse L Martin’s voice could magically save the day, and it wouldn’t hurt to have more dancing Barry.

the flash barry allen risky business
image: sssssssim on tumblr

Did we leave out something you want? Tell us your 2018 wishes for The Flash – you can find us at @pure_fandom on Twitter and bepurefandom on Facebook.

The Flash returns tomorrow, 16 Jan 2018, to the CW at 8/7c.

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