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Can Angela Kang fix ‘The Walking Dead’?

Huge news from the world of Walkers and barb wired baseball bats as The Walking Dead announced some changes to their production staff for Season 9.  Angela Kang, who has been a writer on the show since 2011, will take over as show runner.  Current show runner Scott Gimple is now taking over as the big guy – overseeing all of The Walking Dead universe, including companion show Fear the Walking Dead.

Can Angela Kang get the show back to it’s glory days? And how do we feel about this shakeup?  Well . . . let’s call it . . . cautiously excited.  Check out these 2 reasons we are excited, and 1 reason we are concerned.

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Yes, she can fix it!

#1 She has had some great moments. Angela has been a writer on the show for a number of years and has written or co-written some great episodes.  To date, she has written 17 episodes and there have been some really good ones.  “Four Walls and a Roof” is one of our favorite episodes, and has an all time great moment when Rick “keeps his promise” to Gareth.  We think this shows she has some great potential to take this show in a good direction.

#2 What this says about the TWD universe as a whole.  Say what you will about Scott Gimple and his time as show runner, but this news does open up some interesting options in the future for both shows.  We already have one character making the jump from the original series to the companion series, so will Gimple’s new role lead to even more crossover now that he is overseeing everything and he has handed the TWD keys over to Kang?  We will have to wait and see.


Why we’re worried

#1 She has had some bad moments too. As much as we like about what Angela Kang has done with the show over the last 7 years, there are a couple moments that give cause for concern.  She wrote the episode “Thank You” that has the infamous dumpster scene. We wouldn’t say that episode was the best moment in Walking Dead history.  She is also responsible for the episode “Still.”  To remind you, this was the Beth/Daryl centered episode.  Personally, this is one of my least favorite episodes and had a number of issues with pacing and plot.

Daryl and Beth The Walking Dead

No matter how you feel about Kang being given the keys to the car, or about Gimple being given more control over the universe as a whole, we can all agree that this is a change that needed to happen.  We are firm believers in a show getting a fresh voice as a positive after so many years on air and we are ready for this change!

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9/8c. It returns Feb. 25th. 


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