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‘The Walking Dead’: 3 reasons we’re NOT okay with Carl’s fate (and 3 we are)

(Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 8 mid-season finale)

Before the second half of The Walking Dead starts, let’s take a moment to talk about the latest (likely) death – Carl Grimes.  As you all know, at the end of the mid-season finale it was revealed that Carl was bitten, and headed to certain doom.  We figure he will die  soon after the show returns, but given the pacing issues this show has sometimes, it may drag on. (Fingers crossed that it isn’t the case this time.)

So how do we feel about the death of one of the original cast members?  Honestly, kind of mixed feelings.  Here are 3 reasons we will be sad about the (likely) death of Carl and 3 reasons we won’t. 


Why we’ll be sad that Carl will die

#1 Carl is an OG cast member, and there aren’t really that many left.  We are just a couple of deaths away from The Walking Dead looking like a new show about Rick and a bunch of newbies that don’t even know who Shane was (we miss you Shane, RIP).

#2 Carl can be a total bad-ass at times.  The older Carl got, the cooler he got.  He has become a pretty capable fighter at this point, and this loss is a big one for the group.  At this point in the story, they really need all of the strong fighters they can get.

#3 His life totally sucks.  Everyone else got to enjoy a little bit of the pre-Walker world, but not Carl.  Carl was super young when all this started, and it makes us wonder if he even remembers a time before Walkers.  Everything that happened with his mom was terrible.  How he is even functioning anymore is amazing, and a testament to how strong he really is.  Deep down didn’t we want him to get a somewhat normal life in the end?

Why we won’t be sad Carl will die

#1 Carl was an annoying little kid. Frankly, how many people were calling for his death seasons ago?   Exactly.  As a little kid, Carl was just the worst.  Sure, Lori shares some blame here ( watch your damn kid lady!), but Carl sucked.  Remember when he taunted that Walker and got Dale killed?  Yeah, that was bad.  Should we even mention the pudding?

#2 He really hasn’t done much lately.  Over the last season or two, Carl has not been that memorable.  He tried to take Negan down and the scenes with those two were fantastic, (of course, every scene with Negan is fantastic).  Yet lately, Carl has just been sort of around.

#3  Rick. Now this is the main reason we aren’t sad about the death of Carl, and it isn’t really even about him, it’s about Rick.  We are sad for him, sure, but this new version of Rick (post Carl) might be the key to the rest of the group’s survival. Think about it.  Rick is about to go insane after this loss.  Not talking to ghosts in the prison – insane, but slaughtering cannibals in a church – insane.  Ridiculously bad-ass Rick is our favorite, and we absolutely love when he is in full on kill mode.  We can’t even imagine what his mindset will be after the death of his only son – bet we are ready to find out. 


Now, the real interesting part will be what they do with his stories from the comics after he’s off the show. Even if you haven’t read the comics, it’s fair to wonder what happens with all of those story-lines. Will more of this shift to Daryl or Rick? Or will they time jump to an older Judith and have her fill that role?  We’ll just have to wait and see!

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9/8c. It returns Feb. 25th. 

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