‘Falling Water’ recap: Episode 2×02 “Watchers”

Falling Water recap: Season 2, Episode 2, “Watchers”, Aired Jan. 13, 2018

Things are getting deeper and scarier! Our whole group seems to be having all different types of problems, and we can’t help but feel it’s because they aren’t together! Between Tess dealing with people she can’t trust and trying to keep James safe, and Burton figuring out what to do with Olivia, things are a bit tense. Taka isn’t having any better of a time with his mother, Sabine, and Alex all wanting different things from him. Let’s break it down!

From dream to reality

Burton certainly played things cool with Olivia. We’re pretty proud of him for that! But the lines were also blurred between him and his dream girl. We still aren’t sure what side Olivia is playing on, so we’re trying to reserve judgement. Trying. Olivia makes it difficult when she aims a gun at Burton in the real world and then kisses him in the dream world. But then things switch, and Olivia and Burton are kissing in the real world too. We’re slightly confused on her intentions.

Falling Water recap 2x02

But Burton wants answers and he isn’t willing to walk away until he gets them. He plays a bit of bad cop, and man did he do it well! While Olivia answered all of his questions eventually, it still didn’t provide enough details to really jump start the investigation. But as Burton and Olivia dig deeper they are able to come up with some more information. Olivia agrees to tell the FBI what she knows, for Burton. In the end, Burton decided to give Olivia some money and a gun before sending her away so she can stay safe. We’re sure we will see her again.

Truth and lies

Tess is just having a rough time. Between stalker man at the cafe and Jeremy being sketchy as hell, the woman can’t catch a break. We can’t help feeling bad for Tess when it seems that she is surrounded by people that she can’t trust. It’s even harder for her now that she has James to worry about. Tess is doing her best to be a good mom and give James the life he deserves, and she’s putting a lot of pressure on herself. But maybe Tess needed this time away to see that she belongs back in New York with Taka, Burton, and Sabine. These are really the only people in her world that she knows she can trust and rely on.

Falling Water recap 2x02

Things are dangerous in New York, but it’s pretty clear Tess is starting to see that things are dangerous for her everywhere. We’re still not convinced that the creeper from the cafe had nothing but good intentions and was just trying to write a book. His dream showed a pretty clear picture of his psyche. Then she has to find out that Jeremy knows who she really is. He’s another one that has us suspicious. Jeremy says he’s a dreamer that just wants to help, but we’re with Tess when she bashes Jeremy in the head. You go, girl!

Bad decisions

Things certainly aren’t getting any easier for Taka. Between trying to deal with his mother and attempting to explain to Alex how he gets the information he does, things are rough. Taka is just trying to solve this mysterious case that he just knows has more going on than what they can see. So naturally, the answer must be within dreams, and where better to start than with his mother? But we really hate when Taka goes into his mother’s dreams. This one was no different and had us completely cringing. On top of that, Taka wasn’t able to get many answers anyway.

Falling Water recap 2x02

Then Taka gets the bright idea to bring his mother home so he can dream with her there and get the answers he needs to solve his case. Sabine isn’t down with this, and we can’t help but agree. The fact that Taka is with someone that not only understands him and his job, but everything about being a dreamer as well, is something he should appreciate a bit more. That, and it really doesn’t end well when Sabine is dream manipulated into killing Taka’s mother by pouring drain cleaner down her throat.

Not a believer

Alex is just about at her wits end with Taka and all of his so called instincts. She doesn’t pull any punches when she expresses that she wants some real answers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Taka is ready to make he a believer. Yet. Or maybe he’s just trying to figure out a way to make her a believer.

Falling Water recap 2x02

The real thing Taka has going for him with Alex is that she does do her best to support her partner. Not only in their professional lives but their personal ones as well. She truly cares about Taka and her job. Alex is going to be a force to be reckoned with this season as she is clearly straight forward. We just hope that she’s able to bend a bit in her beliefs and join Taka, Burton, and Tess in being a dreamer.

What will Taka do about Sabine killing his mother? Especially since it was a dream manipulation by the Shadowman. Is Tess headed for New York and back to the ones she trusts? What will Burton do now that Olivia is gone? When will Taka tell Alex the whole story about dreams? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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