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‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ recap: 3×09 “Nathaniel Gets the Message”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend recap: 3×09 “Nathaniel Gets the Message” aired Friday, January 12th at 8/7c.

Rebecca redirects her obsessive tendencies while Nathaniel and White Josh deal with problems (even though they are fit, hot guys!) A little filler heavy but a lot of fun, this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend features laugh out loud jokes, lots of eye-candy, and the show’s 100th musical number! Let’s discuss.

The Musical Numbers

“Without Love You Can Save The World”: The show’s 100th song delivered a hippy-esque tune featuring the entire cast. Standing in opposition of the show’s original premise, “Without Love You Can Save The World” features Rebecca and friends singing, dancing, and criticizing love as a total waste of time.

“Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too”Simultaneously ironic and totally silly, “Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too” is belted out by Nathaniel and White Josh (and later Josh) in a gay club. The men emphasize that they are more than their muscles… While tearing off their clothes. As far as Crazy Ex songs go, it’s a bit forgettable, but it was perfect for this episode’s narrative.

Sometimes even hot guys need fries

We knew it was coming – the end of last week’s episode made it obvious. Still, it broke our hearts when Rebecca officially ended things with Nathaniel. And our hearts weren’t the only ones broken this week.

Nathaniel heads to Home Base to cope with his pain, where he stumbles upon White Josh. Both men order fries and promptly deny it – apparently french fries are totally shameful in fit-guy world. The two dumpees bond over their failed relationships and work out together, later deciding to reward their efforts with a night out at the club. They head to a gay bar becuase, as White Josh explains, “it works for both of [them.]” This turns out to be true, and the presence of straight girls at the gay club is a running gag throughout the remainder of the episode.

Nathaniel Gets the Message

At the club, White Josh and Nathaniel discover that Josh is now a go-go dancer. Josh had previously stated that he was a volunteer fireman which was.. Not a total lie? Because he does wear a fireman’s uniform at this gig. Well, parts of the uniform, anyway. That explains where Josh’s sudden cash flow is coming from!

At the end of the night, Nathaniel leaves with an old friend from Stanford. White Josh questions it, but Nathaniel is still in pain, and says “why not?”

The worst volunteer assistant to ever voluntarily assist

Rebecca’s therapist suggests that she redirect her obsessive behavior into something positive. He tells her that many patients volunteer at various charities, and Rebecca agrees that she should do the same. After struggling to find a volunteer gig, she decides to spend her time helping Valencia build her party planning business.

Nathaniel gets the message

Predictably, this doesn’t go well. Valencia’s gig is an engagement party between Marty (from the grocery store – the guy with two full eyelids) and the girl he pined after for years. Rebecca sees a coldness from the bride-to-be and insists on interfering. Despite Valencia’s plea that Rebecca just leave it alone, she meddles anyway, uncovering a cheating fiance and destroying the engagement party. The real kicker, though? Marty already knows about the cheating, he just loves his fiance so much he ignores it.

Eggs cost bacon

Darryl’s second fertilization attempt has failed, and he is now truly out of money. With no more Southwestern memorabilia to sell, he turns to the office poker game in an attempt to make some cash. Unfortunately, he loses, and ends up back at square one. Rebecca, ever the impulsive helper, offers to donate an egg to Darryl. No, she has not thought this through, but hey, maybe it’ll work out alright? Optimism is key, people.

Nathaniel Gets the Message

What do you think? Will Rebecca really end up as the biological mother of Darryl’s child? And how will this affect the show? As always, comment below or hit us up on twitter @Pure_Fandom and @reagandpierce – we love hearing from you! And head over here for more Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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