5 ‘Batman’ characters we want to see on ‘Gotham’

Happy 2018, Gothamites! New year means new Gotham, and we just get closer and closer to the Batman stories we know and love. We’re four seasons in, and we’re still missing quite a few characters. So here’s a list of some characters we’d love to see on Gotham this year.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Batman characters we want on Gotham

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Despite multiple plots crossing at Arkham, we haven’t seen any glimpses of everyone’s favorite psychiatrist. We’re familiar with multiple characters that Harley is close with, but we’ve yet to see Harley herself. With the second half of the season featuring more Ivy and Jerome, I’m seeing lots of potential for a Harley Quinn plot, but we’ll see if it happens. Regardless, I’m positive that she will be on the show in the future. It’s just a matter of time.


Harvey Dent Two-Face Batman characters we want on Gotham

We’ve actually had interactions with Harvey Dent before, but it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen him. I believe last time we saw him was in season one, so it’s about time to bring him back. It was great to see him and his legendary two-faced coin in the show, but it’s been a while. Since he’s been on once, it only makes sense to bring him back.


Bane Batman characters we want on Gotham

While there are years before Bane will get the title “the man who broke the bat,” I find Bane’s backstory really interesting, and I think Gotham could do some great things with the character. He wouldn’t be his full villain persona quite yet, but we can see how Bane was left to serve his father’s life sentence. Also, the origin story plot that drives Gotham would be perfect for showing Bane as a child with his teddy bear, Osito, in which he hid a knife for self-defense. Sounds like a Gotham-esque villain backstory to me.

Bane and Osito Batman characters we want on Gotham

Talia al Ghul

Talia al Ghul Batman characters we want on Gotham

Talia is an interesting character. She’s often depicted as morally ambiguous, and her relationship with Bruce is all over the place. It is clear that the Ra’s al Ghul plot is not over, despite what he wants us to think, so that means lots of potential to bring in Talia. The push and pull between Talia’s relationship with Bruce and her relationship with her father could be done really well, leaving us viewers wondering where her loyalty lies. The current ages of characters on Gotham are on the younger side, but I think the writers can make that work for them with Talia.


Blockbuster Batman characters we want on Gotham

There are multiple different versions of Blockbuster, but the first one could play nicely at the point we’re at in Gotham. Mark Desmond was a smart but awkward kid. This led him to conduct scientific experiments on himself in order to help him gain physical strength. While he grew stronger, there was a side effect: His brain was altered. The smart kid turned aggressive, driving him into a life of crime on his manipulative brother’s behalf. There is lots of opportunity for Mark and Bruce’s first interaction, which involves Bruce saving Mark from quicksand. This is pre-Blockbuster, and since Bruce isn’t quite Batman yet, I think this could work nicely.

I didn’t forget

Robin characters we want on Gotham a ballpoint banana

Before you all tweet that I’ve forgotten Robin, I’ve purposefully left him off this list. In the show, Bruce is (roughly) 16 at the moment. After extensive Googling, there seems to be no agreed-upon age difference between Dick Grayson (Robin) and Bruce, but the general consensus is somewhere between 11-20 years, depending on which comic or movie or television show you’re talking about. Since Bruce is only 16ish, Robin would either be a toddler or not even born yet, making any interactions between him and Bruce rather boring. So no, Robin was not forgotten. Of course we’ll see Robin, but the timing is not right at this point.


Phew. What a list. There are so many Batman characters, and only a small handful are included in this article. None of these characters are on this list because of any spoilers or rumors – they’re all just personal preferences. There’s a chance we won’t be seeing any of these characters on the show this year, but we’d love to see any of them. New year means lots of potential for new characters. We still have a while to go before Gotham returns, so there’s plenty of time to think about who else we’d like to see. See you soon, Gotham city.

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Gotham returns this spring on FOX.

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