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My Hero Academia

What’s the best part of having an obsession? For me, it’s sharing the thing I’m most enthusiastic about with anyone that will listen to me. I had this idea for a panel where I could share something that I get totally #jacked about with an audience and they could share a few of their obsessions with me – an Otaku Show & Tell. It’d be a grown up version of the kindergarten activity. We could all have an opportunity to find new things to obsess over.

What better way to share my obsession than with a show and tell? And what better topic than my current anime obsession of My Hero Academia!

My Hero Academia - S1 DvD
Image: Funimation

In my first article for Pure Fandom, I made sure to put My Hero Academia at the top of my suggestion list. Not only is the whole fandom blowing up like crazy, but it’s penultimate in my mind too. It’s a great introductory anime because it appeals to so many people. It has a wide and varied cast of characters. There’s the fantastic soundtrack. There are real developments for all characters and in the storyline.

What good is a show & tell if I didn’t have a few things to show & tell about? Obviously (like I’ve inserted above) there is the season 1 DvD which has seen too many plays to count in my binge watching sessions. Additionally there’s my Pinterest board dedicated to My Hero Academia. I’ve only been watching this show for a few months and it is already my biggest Pin board.


I mentioned the soundtrack so that seems like a place to continue. The openings and endings are all so fantastic. Seriously, I could’ve written my entire music piece on the music of My Hero Academia. The sweet tunes permeate the whole show; even the background music can give you a heroic case of #thefeels. It would only be fair to share a few of my favorites – additionally I would recommend putting at least one of these selections on to use as background for your reading!
MHA Playlist

My Hero Academia - Soundtrack

Image: Amazon


One part of my collection that I’m particularly proud of is my books. I’ve got an entire bookshelf reserved just for light novels and manga. I may have started my obsession with the anime but it didn’t reach its soaring height until I added the manga series to my collection. Keeping up with the manga means that my obsession can reach past where the anime has left off. Who wouldn’t want to know what is happening next? Not to mention that the manga gives the reader access to things not included in the anime – between chapters the author includes draft sketches and background information on a multitude of characters like this behind the scenes look at Bakugo.

My Hero Academia - Manga

Then there are the t-shirts…

Of all the unplanned spending in my budget, it is the t-shirts that I’m usually most guilty of spending too much on. One of my favorite parts of going to conventions is seeing all the nerdy t-shirts people wear. It is an easy way to show off an obsession. So it means something to me when someone says something to me about one of the things I wear. T-shirts are definitely the most travel efficient way of showing off that I’m a fan of MHA. These particular shirts come from a variety of online sources including Hot Topic, Redbubble and Teefury.

 My Hero Academia - T-shirts

Other Collectables

On the other end of the spectrum are the things that do not travel so well. There are the parts of a collection that I’m not so sure what I want to do with them. I have the Pop Vinyls – one part wants to keep them boxed up but the part pleads for their release. There’s the wall scroll which really only works with a big space to hang it up. Lastly I’ve got a couple of stickers and pieces of fan art (big kudos to sa_ka_ta for the sunset inspired heroes). And I would be remiss to not include my phone case as well!

My Hero Academia - Pop Vinyls My Hero Academia - Wall Scroll My Hero Academia - Art

There’s still plenty more I hope to collect in the future. I’ve got the season two DVD on order which is absolutely necessary for more complete binge sessions. One day I hope to add some custom art for display – both professionally commissioned and maybe something of my own. And, of course, any cool t-shirts that I can’t keep myself from buying.

I had to add the couple of gifts I received over the Christmas holiday. My best friend sewed & stuffed a fleece pillow with Deku’s profile on it. I got a water bottle covered in images from the show. Plus I treated myself to a late gift with a laptop cover done in an old side scroller fighting game covered in characters!

My Hero Academia - Christmas

This was my first attempt at a digital show & tell and I hope that my excitement about My Hero Academia got across to you. It is also my hope that you might share something with me that you are excited about because many of my other interests have started from the suggestions of others!

Images of collection courtesy of Elisa Hubbard Studios

Featured Image: Diizay Deviantart


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