‘Taken’ recap 2×01 “S.E.R.E.”

Taken recap Season 2, Episode 1, “S.E.R.E.”, Aired January 12th, 2018

Taken has come back with a vengeance! Bryan may start out in a Mexican prison, but nothing can keep a good man down! Nothing can keep a good woman down, either! Something Christina proves with grace and a sense of ease. Not only does she save Bryan’s ass, but she puts together a new team while she’s at it. While there may only be four of them, it’s obvious they’ll pack a punch! Let’s break it down!

Taken recap 2x01


It may have taken him almost six months and a few dozen yard fights or more, but Bryan breaks out of the Mexican prison he’s been thrown into. In typical Bryan fashion, he picks up a stray on the way. Jose was thrown into the Mexican jail on bogus charges and says he is innocent. But isn’t that what they all say? Bryan seems to be in luck when Jose really does turn out to be a good man. He’s willing to help Bryan get across the border and back into the states.

Taken recap 2x01

Jose tells Bryan he knows where to find a coyote, someone who can give them transport across the border. For a price, of course. Good thing Bryan took bits of gold off those inmates he was fighting all that time. Like gold earrings, teeth fillings, the usual. He even melted them down and pieced them all together into a fancy tool. One that worked great as a shiv! So the deal is made to get Bryan across the border with Jose and his family. As if we couldn’t love Bryan any more!

Assembling the team

Christina is working the corporate gig after being demoted. But she’s just using it as a stepping stone to get where she really wants to be. What she needs is access to a high tech system that can track people down to their exact location. Christina is going to get Bryan back, no matter the cost. But first, she’s going to need some reinforcements. First person on the list? Santana, an ex army captain who was special ops.

Taken recap 2x01

Christina contacts her and tells her she needs Santana to pack up the big guns and head to the border. Meanwhile, Christina meets up with expert hacker, Killroy, who also has a grudge against pretty much everything. But especially the government. Killroy has an even bigger grudge against Christina, but we figure he’s entitled there. After all, Christina is responsible for throwing his ass in jail. But Christina knows Killroy is the best and makes a deal to get him out of jail if he’ll join her team.


Brian and Jose don’t make it very far before they are stopped by human traffickers. Brian sees them coming and knows they are going to take Jose’s daughter. But he promises he will get her back as long as they do as he says. Brian offers himself to go with the girl and convinces her to toss out a bead from her bracelet every ten minutes and at every turn. He knows how this works, and they are going to be separated. As usual, Bryan isn’t wrong.

Taken recap 2x01

The traffickers are also gun runners. Ones that know Bryan personally, since he recently ruined one of their deals. They’re also in with some pretty corrupt government agents. Fans of Bryan, they are not. Good thing they’ve also clearly underestimated him, as he is able to take them out with ease before heading after Jose’s daughter. Bryan finds the young girl in no time and dismantles the entire group of traffickers, grabbing a USB drive full of information on his way out.

Home stretch

Bryan and Jose’s daughter are almost at the border when more government agents begin catching up to them. But backup is on the way! Not only in the form of Killroy, who tells Christina he found Bryan because of the corrupt agents, but Santana with some heavy firepower as well. Santana is able to take a rough shortcut and get to Bryan just in time to save his ass with a rocket launcher. Meanwhile, Christina comes up with a way to deal with the dirty agents and get what she wants in the process.

Taken recap 2x01

Bryan returns Jose’s daughter to him safe and sound as promised before hightailing it to Christina’s. Realistically, there was really no other place for Bryan to go at this point. They even fit in some time to hash out some of their issues before Bryan succumbs to his exhaustion and falls asleep. While Christina is still talking. But he does manage to give her the very important USB drive with all the trafficking information.

New beginnings

Christina gets together with a superior and takes down the corrupt leader of the gun runners. She uses the save as leverage to jump start her new prevention team. But she doesn’t just want to be in charge of it. Christina wants to completely run it with no one to answer directly to, and she wants to pick and choose her cases. Since she’s now the leader of a private company that has no affiliation with the government, she can do whatever the hell she wants.

Taken recap 2x01

With Bryan’s information, the new team is also able to take down a big group of human traffickers. After everything that’s happened to Bryan, it comes as no surprise that he’s on board with Christina’s new team. Things are about to get a hell of a lot more exciting!

How will Brian cope with being part of a team? How will this group of very different people manage to work together? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs! Catch Taken Fridays at 9/8c on NBC, and follow along with my live tweets during the show @Sarah_Jeanne17!

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