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‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Recap: 3×08 “Nathaniel Needs My Help!”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend recap: 3×08 “Nathaniel Needs My Help!” aired Friday, January 5th at 8/7c.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is back and serving up a hot plate of reality with a side of eggs.. and mayonnaise. The best part, though? Josh is irrelevant, and is not mentioned in the episode title for the second time in a row (and the second time ever!) this week. If we take the episode titles as an indication of how Rebecca views her life, this is definitely progress. Still, with each episode centered around someone else (“Getting over Jeff” and “Nathaniel Needs My Help!”) Bex has still got a ways to go before she’s fully mentally healthy. Our 2018 resolution for Rebecca is an episode title featuring only her – we desperately want her to see herself as the star of her own life.

Musical Numbers

“My Sperm is Healthy” – In a surprisingly catchy and thoroughly entertaining number, Darryl rejoices in his sexual health (and ability to bear children.) It’s edgy and hilarious, and it’s a bit of a miracle that it managed to pass through the CW’s censors.

“Get Your Ass Out of My House” – Josh’s mom, Lourdes, is frustrated. Really frustrated, in fact, because her fully-adult son will not leave her house. Obviously, there’s only one thing to do – sing about it. And boy does she ever! Amy Hill injects the perfect amount of “annoyed” into her voice as she tells Josh how sick of him she is.

“You can sleep in the park. You can sleep on a bus. You can live anywhere, as long as it’s not with us!”

The best thing about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has always been how real it is.

Layered in satire and frosted with musical numbers, the core of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is clear – “life doesn’t make narrative sense.” It shies away from the glossy nature of other shows and handles issues (especially mental illness) with a reasonably realistic and simultaneously humorous way. This episode is no different. Rebecca struggles with her attraction to Nathaniel – she feels an intimacy with him that scares her, due to her history with Josh.

Nathaniel needs my help!

Despite her fears, she quickly falls into the same patterns, orchestrating schemes around Nathaniel’s family life. While attempting to reconcile Nathaniel and his father, Rebecca discovers that Nathaniel has a secret sister living with his father’s mistress. This discovery turns out the be entirely false, but Rebecca’s secretive behavior and tendency toward meddling are once again exposed. Nathaniel forgives Rebecca, but in a surprising twist, she is less able to forgive herself. The end of the episode implies the end of, or at least a break from, her relationship with Nathaniel. Rebecca is attempting to heal herself by avoiding triggers of Josh-like behavior – starting with Nathaniel.

Darryl and Paula make a baby?

Yeah, okay, that’s a clickbait title – sorry. But it’s basically true! Darryl enlists Paula’s help in choosing an egg donor, and Paula is more than ready for the task. In typical Paula fashion, she invests 110% of herself into the project, and chooses the perfect other half for Darryl’s future offspring. There’s just one problem – the egg is no longer available, because the donor changed her mind and withdrew consent. For most, this would mean choosing a different donor. For Paula, it means tracking down the woman and personally begging her for her egg.

Nathaniel needs my help!

It seems to work – the woman agrees to release the egg, under a few conditions. Paula, in her excitement, doesn’t listen to the conditions and immediately tells Darryl the good news. Always read the fine print, folks – the donor wants a monthly payment for the rest of the child’s life! Luckily, the fertilization fails, but unluckily, Darryl is devastated. The process is expensive, and Darryl can only afford to attempt it once a year. Filled with excitement over his hypothetical child, Darryl decides to sell all of his Native American memorabilia to hipsters at the Flea Market and try again immediately.

The best part of the episode? Darryl’s adorable exchange with the fertility nurse as he asks if he can have two magazines – one with men and one with women.

Josh is at a crossroads

With Rebecca moving on, his mother kicking him out, and his bartending attempt having failed, Josh finds himself surrounded by change. This turmoil causes him to evaluate his life, and he realizes that Rebecca has changed him as a person. She made him more ambitious.

“I spent my life in flip-flops and she made me want closed-toed shoes.”

He thanks Rebecca for this change, and she’s happy for him. The conversation is a catalyst for her own personal decision to end things with Nathaniel, so she kindly repeats the words spoken by his mother and asks him to get his ass out of her house.

Nathaniel needs my help

What’s next for Josh? Do you think Darryl’s second fertilization attempt will take? Are you rooting for Rebecca and Nathaniel? Chime in down below or find us on twitter – @Pure_Fandom and @reagandpierce! And check back here every week as we break down Rebecca’s road to recovery.

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