The 6 best moments from ‘The Gifted’ episode 1×11, “3 X 1”

The Gifted: Season 1, Episode 11, “3 X 1,” Aired Jan. 1, 2018

This week on The Gifted, the Frost sisters are still pulling strings to get mutants on their side. Will their trick work? We have the six best moments broken down for you!

The Gifted
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#1. The Strucker’s are leaving.

Reed and Kate make the decision to move their family to Mexico. Eclipse tries to talk Reed out of it but Reed tells him he has to protect his children. They have to get as far away from Sentinel Services as possible. Blink even tries convincing Lauren that this is not the best thing for them. Lauren tells her after what happened to Dreamer, she’s not so sure anymore. The underground arranges for the family to go to another one of their facilities until they can be transported across the border.

#2. Two funerals and no wedding.

We had to watch our friends have a service for their friend this week. It was sad to see how much Dreamers death is weighing on Thunderbird and Polaris. They all leave flowers and say a few words in her honor. Agent Turner also has to say goodbye to his best friend and partner that was shot when the mutants broke out of Trask. This latest development has fueled Agent Turner’s hatred even further. Although he doesn’t agree with Campbell’s methods he feels they have to stop the mutants no matter the cost.

The Gifted
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#3. Wes is back!

Lauren’s friend and love interest, Wes, is at Fairborne when the Strucker family arrives. He helps check people in and arranges the transports out. Lauren is so happy to see him and her parents are happy to see her smiling again. It’s nice to see that nothing bad happened to Wes after he left headquarters.

#4. The Cuckoo sisters are up to no good…again.

The Frost sisters visit the underground to ask for their help. Too bad no one feels like helping since they double-crossed them. They know something bigger is coming from Dr. Campbell and his hounds. If the mutants don’t all work together there is a chance that Dr. Campbell will succeed in his plans. These ladies are very persuasive. They use their ability to talk people into just about anything to their advantage. It also doesn’t hurt that they tip off Agent Turner to one of the mutant hideouts so it can be raided. That helps them convince the mutants to help.

The Gifted
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#5. A look into Blink’s past.

The start of the episode takes us back to Blink’s past. She’s on a date with her boyfriend when a vigilante group known as the purifiers. They like to ridicule and harass the mutants to try and make them leave. Blink’s boyfriend didn’t stand up for her when they attacked them coming out of the movie theatre. He only told her to run and not come back. Classy guy.

#6. The Fairborne raid.

Thanks to the Cuckoo’s tip, Sentinel Services knew there were mutants at Fairborne. They took that tip and ran with it. Dr. Campbell took his hounds to raid the facility and try to kill as many mutants as possible. Reed called Thunderbird and Eclipse to come help. Wes was able to use his powers to conceal them until the cavalry arrived. They were able to get the Strucker’s out, however, Lauren lost track of Wes. It’s not clear if he survived the attack.

The Gifted
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This episode of The Gifted was all kinds of crazy and proved that Dr. Campbell is not backing down. We have to wait until January 15th for the two-hour season finale to find out his next play. What did you think of this episode of The Gifted? Tweet us your reactions to the episode at @Pure_Fandom or @ndintelman34.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX

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