‘The Bachelor’ episode 22×02: A Quick Recap

The Bachelor: Season 22, Episode 2, Aired Jan. 8, 2018

This week begins the actual dating process on The Bachelor. Some of these ladies will stop at nothing to get time with Arie. There are two one-on-one dates and one group date. We all know that once the dating process starts, so does jealousy in the house. It’s hard not to be jealous when you know the man you want to spend time with is dating 20 other women at the same time. Let’s recap!

The Bachelor
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Becca K. wins the first one-on-one date!

Becca K. received her date card the morning after the rose ceremony. Instantly, Chelsea is jealous. She felt that she should get the first date. Girl, all of these women wanted that date! Becca is taken away on the back of Arie’s motorcycle to his mansion where he’s staying. A buffet and several surprises are waiting for her. The first being Rachel Zoe.

Rachel has brought gowns for Becca to try on and model for Arie. Arie loves them all so he tells Becca he wants her to keep them. Yes, all of the dresses. Arie doesn’t stop there. He presents Becca with a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes and diamonds to go with her clothes! Okay, is it too late for us to sign up? This is just the day part of the date. Arie has something planned for that night also. In the meantime, Becca has to go back to the house with her goodies.

Arie has arranged for him and Becca to have a private dinner. Becca comes in wearing one of her stunning dresses, her shoes, and Arie tops her off with a diamond choker. You know every woman in America is wondering where they get their hands on a guy like this! The date goes exceptionally well and Arie awards Becca with the first rose of the week.

The Bachelor
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The second one-on-one date goes to…Krystal!

While Arie and Becca are out on their date, the second date card arrives at the house. It’s another one-on-one date and this time it’s for Krystal. There is just something about Krystal that makes her seem so fake. Hopefully, it’s just the way she comes across and she is in fact here for the right reasons.

Arie whisks Krystal away on a private jet to his hometown of Scottsdale, AZ. He shows her around Scottsdale, complete with showing her where he worked in High School. Brace yourself ladies: Arie worked at Pizza Hut! He can bring us a Pizza anytime! He also took Krystal to his High School and his current residence. She immediately went into crazy bride mode, picturing their lives together.

To top off the date, Krystal met Arie’s parents. Seems really early to be bringing girls home to meet the folks, but this is a television show after all. They were also serenaded in a private theatre by Connor Duermit. The next morning when Krystal did not want to divulge any details about her date to the other ladies, many of them instantly thought she was being shady. Krystal said she just wanted to keep things between herself and Arie. Oh, and she also got a rose!

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The group date.

Fifteen ladies were selected to go on a group date with Arie. The activity? A demolition derby! Talk about reckless. Arie tells the ladies that winner takes all, which is just bragging rights and a trophy. Chris Harrison and Robby Gordon are the announcers for the Derby. Arie is also participating. You are considered out if your engine stops.

Annaliese wins the drama award for the day. Apparently, she had a traumatic experience when she was a kid involving bumper cars. After freaking out and crying forever, she gets in the car and holds her own. Brittany takes out several of the ladies and Arie. It leaves her so disoriented she misses the rest of the date.

Tia and Seinne are the last ladies standing. With one hard hit, Seinne takes out Tia. The ladies get cleaned up and head back to Arie’s house for dinner. Chelsea steals Arie away and tells him about her son. Arie is fine with kids so it’s not really a big deal for him. Bibiana starts to get frustrated because she’s not been able to get any time with Arie alone. It seems to always be the same women who are getting his attention. Seinne is awarded the rose on the date.

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The Rose Ceremony.

Once again it’s time for that dreaded rose ceremony. Four of the ladies didn’t get dates. Arie takes aside Lauren B. to visit with her since she was not on a date. While they’re talking, Krystal decides to interrupt their time. This girl already has a rose and is stealing time away from those that didn’t even get a date!

It’s not the last time Krystal will be disrespectful that evening. Bibiana finally gets her alone time with Arie and who interrupts them? None other than Krystal. Even Arie seems annoyed at this point. We’re wondering if he’s regretting giving her that rose. When Krystal comes back in she has the nerve to sit next to Bibiana. Bibiana doesn’t hold back and gives Krystal a piece of her mind!

Bibiana says what we’re all thinking. Krystal is disrespectful and she already has a rose so she shouldn’t be interrupting anyone. Last week we all thought it was going to be Chelsea we had to worry about. Guess Krystal caught wind of that and decided to tell us to hold her beer. We’ve reached that time in the evening when Arie has to send three ladies home.

Lauren G., Valerie, and Jenny are the unlucky in love this week. Jenny is so upset she walks past Arie without even saying goodbye. Arie, being the gentleman that he is, chases after her and tries to explain. Jenny isn’t really wanting to hear that he’s just not that into her. She says it’s the first time she’s ever been dumped. Boo hoo.

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What did you think of this episode of The Bachelor? Next week, we’ll have more crying and a lot more kissing. If drama is what you want to see, this show is definitely for you! Tweet us your thoughts at @Pure_Fandom or @ndintelman34.

The Bachelor airs Monday’s at 8/7c on ABC.

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