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‘Supernatural’ Jensen Ackles’ Brewery Opening

Over the years, the cast over at Supernatural has taken on several extra projects that were near and dear to their hearts. Almost every major cast member, individually and together, have raised awareness about several causes. Well, Jensen Ackles (Dean) decided to take on a project purely for fun this time! The opening is approaching for Family Business Beer Co. in Jensen’s home state of Texas.


Family Business Beer
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Jensen along with wife, Danneel, have teamed up with her parents, Ed & Debby Graul, and her brother Gino. They are also joined by their master brewer, Nate Seale, who has an extensive history creating amazing brews. It is truly a family affair.


Family Business Beer

We’ve already established that Family Business Beer Co. is in fact, a family run business. Add that to the fact that the unofficial quote of Jensen’s show Supernatural is a quote from his character.

Saving people, hunting things, the family business.

-Dean Winchester

They have even played on that with their marketing, changing the words to work for the new purpose. “Serving people…fermented things, the Family Business Beer Company.”

Speaking of names, they all think that they are slick, but they obviously tipped a hat to themselves with one of their beers. “Grackle Hill Country Imperial Stout” is clearly a word play. Graul+Ackles=Grackle.


Family Business Beer
Family Business Beer Co.

They really aren’t kidding guys, this is a family business. As in, bring your kids. I know, I know, who wants to bring kids to a brewery, but hear me out! The brewery is on a 15 acre patch of land that is absolutely gorgeous! Heck, every now and then they will even have live music! (Watch their events calendar) They’ve got a playground! And a food truck.

Family Business Beer
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Oh yeah, about the food truck. Do you guys remember this little show called Duck Dynasty? Well, baby brother, Jep Robertson and his wife Jessica are the owners of this amazing food truck! Check out some of the wonderful, Southern food you can expect from Jep’s Southern Roots.

The Family Business Beer Co. will be opening this Wednesday, January, 10. They will have discounts for all military, veterans, and first responders! So obviously the only logical thing to do is to load up the whole family and go!

(Featured Image: Eater Austin)


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