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Best episodes of ‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2

We handpick Once Upon a Time season 2 best episodes!

Guess who was introduced in season 2? That’s right, Captain Hook, so ultimately, this season is awesome for that reason. Also Captain Swan was kind of starting to become a thing (in my mind, okay). The pace really kicked into high gear in season 2 though. It might had something to do with magic coming to the real world, or stupid Greg and Tamara, or Neal. Ugh. Whichever the case, it had some particularly good episodes.

2×06 “Tallahassee”


Two words: the beanstalk. This episode ended all of the other episodes in season 2. Meaning, nothing even came close to the wonderfulness that was this episode. Do you want to know my reason? It’s because it was the first adventure Emma and Hook ever had. It was the episode where we saw the fearsome pirate soften for Emma Swan, and I was shipping it so hard. Not even funny how hard I shipped it at that point.

Also not be that person, but also being that person, Hook bandaging Emma’s hand after she got cut was the so * insert fire emoji here*. Also, we got to divulge into Emma’s back story a bit. In this episode, we meet my least favorite character ever: Neal. However, I liked that we got to see a young Emma as she thieved her way through life. It just showed how awful of a start she got. Poor Emma.

2×14 “Manhattan”


I think this episode is the episode where the show rightfully flaunts the genre “drama.” We learn that the son Emma is helping Mr. Gold find is none other than her baby daddy Neal Cassidy. Cue jaw droppings and that jazz. I have to say, that was a plot line that was weird, but also kind of made sense in a way. I also liked that Hook came all the way to NYC to try to kill Gold only to have Emma knock him out with a pipeline. Aw…they were so young and naive. Overall, it was just an interesting episode.

2×19 “Lacey”


Lol…we saw a whole other side of Belle in this episode. Because Hook shot Belle over the town line, she lost her memories. She had no recollection of ever loving Gold. (Sometimes I forget that Hook wasn’t always the good guy he is now. Character development AF!) It was funny to see bookish, intelligent Belle sporting her new life as a barfly at the Rabbit Hole. It was so unlike her. However, even that Belle was drawn to Gold. It was just fun to see Belle’s dark side, even if it was only short-lived. Her outfits though were so much fun.

Also, I know Rumbelle fans like to see flashes of Belle and Rumple’s path to their love. It is interesting to see that development between them. Lacey was a good time.

2×04 “The Crocodile”


Uh, obviously this made my list of one of my favorites of season 2. I mean, we were introduced to Captain Hook who ended up being one of my favorite characters of the series. For real, when he first came onto the screen, he was not what I expected. In other words, he’s A LOT hotter than the original Hook, and thank goodness for that. I’m pretty sure I spit out my coffee when I first saw him. What a great reveal.

Anyway, besides him being hot, we got the back story on how Captain Hook became Captain Hook. We began the episode as him being Killian Jones, but as Rumple started toying with him, he became Hook. The hatred between Rumple and Hook was pretty intriguing—Hook stole Rumple’s wife, and Rumple was totally not cool with that, so he took his hand and killed Milah. I thought this episode set up the rivalry for the two men quite well.

2×22 “Straight Until Morning”


I feel like most of the finales are my favorite episodes of most seasons. Sorry, I can’t help it. For one, we got the confirmation that Emma knew her and Hook had a mutual understanding after the lives they had. And we had Hook telling Emma that he needed reminding about caring for another person besides himself. My Captain Swan heart was so happy during this scene because Emma is the reason Hook turned back to help save Henry. He wanted to become a hero, and he knew he had to take the first step to do so. She softened his heart. AWWW!

This showed a lot of growth for Hook. Also, this episode displayed some growth for Regina as well. She almost died trying to save Storybrooke. It was then that she started owning up to what she did to the citizens of Storybrooke, and she was ready to die for them.

Season 2 seems like so long ago. Obviously, as you probably know, season 2 was a great season for me because Hook was introduced. It was the start of one of the best ships on the show: Captain Swan. So duh I like this season. Also, learning about Emma’s past was really interesting too! What was your favorite episode of season 2? Sound off below!

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