What the Disney/FOX takeover means for the fans!

The Mouse is at it again! The media is currently is a tizzy over the Disney/FOX takeover. With previous buyouts like LucasFilm, Marvel, and Pixar, the titan company is almost all over the board. This deal could change the game! But how? Well, let’s see just what the deal will mean to the fans.

The Marvel Family is back together!

Disney/FOX Takeover

A constant sore spot for Marvel fans over the years, has been the division of the cinematic universes. While Disney owned most of the central heroes, Fox had rights to the X-Men franchise. With this deal, now Disney would own ALL of Marvel. Every hero will be back under one roof, and room for many, many crossovers that we have all desperately been waiting for! I mean, could you just imagine Deadpool and Star Lord on the same screen?

A New Princess!

Disney/FOX Takeover

One of the few princesses that I absolutely loved as a child that wasn’t a Disney princess: Anastasia. Well guess what?! That is about to change. Not my love of her, but her status as a Disney Princess. That’s right, Fox owns the Russian beauty, so once this deal goes through, she’ll be Disney official!


Disney/FOX Takeover

There was already tons of talk that Disney was in the works of creating their own streaming service to compete with Netflix and Hulu. This deal would bring them one step closer, as it would give Disney controlling interest in Hulu. This will give them the firm foot in the door that they need to become a force to be reckoned with in the streaming game.

More Movies!

Disney/FOX Takeover

Disney will now own the popular franchise Avatar, which currently has sequels in the works. This will only increase the popularity of their new theme park Pandora: The World of Avatar which is currently at Orlando. Also, in the deal, they will get the National Geographic which can only help build up Disney’s Nature movie series that we have all come to love.

Is there a channel Disney doesn’t own?!

Disney/FOX Takeover

So, if Disney owns Fox movies, then it is more than obvious that they will also own the FOX cable network. This gives them all of the long-running loved shows: The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad. In addition to that, they will own the extra channels such as FX, which already shows plenty of Marvel movies on loop.


Disney/FOX Takeover
Funny Gifs

Everybody loves a good throwback! Remakes are being done nowadays with extreme success. Once this deal goes through, Disney will own classic shows and movies. From the movie standpoint, we can hope to see our favorite mischievous child from Home Alone. As for shows, the media conglomerate will now own the popular show M*A*S*H. I don’t know about you, but I can’t walk into my grandparents house without that show being on the TV. Maybe if they did a remake with a modern twist, I could grow to love it, too!

In short, if this deal actually goes through, the only real competition Disney will have is Warner Brothers and Netflix. The Mouse has developed quite the empire.

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