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‘Agents of SHIELD’ 5×06: 8 best moments of “Fun and Games” (Fitzsimmons!!!)

Agents of SHIELD 5×06 recap, Season 5, Episode 6, “Fun and Games,” Aired January 5, 2017

FITZSIMMONS! Our team has felt so fractured for so long and now we are getting the reunions (and kisses) we need! Fitz is ready to save the day with his sassy attitude and fetching broach. While his experiences in the Framework were terrible, its what helped him save his friends in this episode. Also, did you notice all of the great shots thanks to Director Clark Gregg? So good!

Here are the 8 best moments from Agents of SHIELD 5×06!

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

#1 When Fitz saw Jemma. He spent all that time in jail, then frozen in a box just to get to his friends and to save them, but it was this reunion we were waiting for. She didn’t see him at first, but Fitz could not hide his feelings when he saw the love of his life in that room. #Swoon

#2 Fitz proposal. OMG. That was absolutely amazing, yet totally heartbreaking because Simmons couldn’t hear a thing Fitz was saying. Fitz and Simmons have been ripped apart so many times that Fitz is refusing to let the universe stand in his way any longer. He told all of this to Simmons, but she had her silencer thingy switched on, so she doesn’t hear it. It didn’t make it any less amazing though.

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

#3 Yo-Yo saved Flint. Flint was a scrappy little dude that you couldn’t help but love, so when he was seconds away from being sold into the horrid life of the Inhumans, Yo-Yo sprang into action. She grabbed young Flint and talked him through his big change. Also, bonus fun: Flint controls rocks! We love the irony.

#4 Fitz being sassy AF at dinner. Think back to season 1, when Fitz was just the super nerd we loved to love and wanted to protect at all costs versus now! In season 5 we see Fitz sassing his way through an alien dinner in order to save his friends without an ounce of hesitation. His development over the course of the show has been amazing.

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

#5 May – not thinking. Ben, the telekinetic Inhuman, was forced to fight May and despite her injury, she rocked it. Like a total boss!

#6 Daisy flying. During the prize fight, Daisy faced off against Sinara to show what the Destroyer of Worlds could really do. She bested her, but it was when Fitz, Simmons and Daisy enacted their plan that we got to see Daisy take flight. It was brief, but awesome!

(ABC/Eric McCandless)

#7 Fitz shooting while jumping over the wall. DAYUM FITZ. That was super bad ass.

#8 Fitzsimmons kiss. Fitz and Simmons kissed and decided to get married in this episode and we are HERE. FOR. IT. After all of that distance in the LMD and Framework, they are finally back on the same page and engaged! Brb, we have to go start a Fitzsimmons pinterest wedding board now.

It finally feels like our team is winning and it’s great! We are so ready for them to blast their way out of that lighthouse, but we aren’t super sure what comes next. What did you think of this episode? Hit the comments and let us know!

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs Fridays on ABC.

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