Pure Fandom interview with ‘Falling Water’ cast

Pure Fandom got to sit down with the original three of Falling Water! The three actors who set the stage for the strange and wonderful USA show! David Ajala, Will Yun Lee, and Lizzie Brochere sat down to tell us a bit about what we can expect to see with season two!

Interview with Falling Water cast

Will Yun Lee

Interview Falling Water cast

Will Yun Lee plays Taka in the show and he talks about the difference between the tone of the first season and the second. Things are becoming so much in depth and different. But none of it would have been possible without the direction of the first season that started it all.

 “I think what was most refreshing, well not refreshing but season one set an incredible foundation. Tim and Remi took all these incredible seeds laid in the first season and created a world of rules. That and this mythology that’s really rich.”

Will gives us a little information on where Taka is going in this upcoming season. Including some of his interactions with Sepidah Moafi, who will play his new partner in homicide. Things are going to get a bit darker and scarier with the next season when a serial killer makes himself known.

“Sepi plays my partner. It’s just really great because season one was just being alone a lot and you didn’t see me do any detective work. Just a lot of mom issues. What’s great about this season is that it ties into all three of our characters. There’s this big case that happens that gives the show this active boost that I feel like sets the tone for some adrenaline, some fun, some horror.”

David Ajala

Interview Falling Water cast

David Ajala plays Burton in Falling Water. He spoke with us a bit about how he felt returning to another season. He also let us in on a little bit of what he’s learned with all of his previous acting experiences.

“I was very happy to come back to dive into the dream world and with these guys. It feels like season one has set a very solid foundation for us to just be bigger and better in season two. I’m very happy that I feel that way.”

David lets us in on a little of what he learned from season one and how it’s impacted him as an actor. With a show like this, it’s hard not to learn from it. There certainly aren’t any shows out there like it!

“One thing I’ve learned about being on this show is just our imaginations as people and as artists. It’s just encouraged me more and more to just embrace my imagination and just use it whenever it fits according to the story.”

Lizzie Brochere

Interview Falling Water Cast

Lizzie Brochere plays Tess and she had to deal with a lot last season! From feeling like she had a child, to being told she hadn’t. Then she discovered that she indeed did have a child. It became all about finding him and seeing if he really did exist and why she was ever lied to about it. Lizzie talk to us about the difference between the dynamic with her son between the first season and now.

“I was looking for my son during the whole first season. So now it’s like we’ve settled in and we’re suddenly living together. He’s a real boy!”

The subject of how Tess is going to keep her child safe now that she’s found him inevitable comes up. Lizzie talks to us about the difficulties of not only getting to know her son, but trying to keep him safe as well. Especially with a serial killer on the loose, going after people in their dreams!

“Safety is going to be a big focus now that I didn’t have last season. There are so many gaps and things that I can’t remember. Since the case that we’re all working on is happening in the dream world, but impacting people in the real world. Even the home becomes not a safe place for Tess and her son.”

Let us know in the comments below what you’re most excited for when the show returns! Be sure to check Pure Fandom every day for all your entertainment needs! Falling Water returns to USA Network later this year for its second season!


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