Pure Fandom talks ‘Falling Water’ with Sepideh Moafi

Falling Water will be returning to USA Network later this year. Along with an all new season and a few new crew members, Falling Water is getting a few new cast members as well! Pure Fandom got to sit and chat with newcomer to the show, Sepideh Moafi.

Falling Water Interview

Becoming a believer

She revealed a bit about who her character is and where she fits into our Falling Water world. Sepideh will be playing the role of Alex Simms. She’s going to be Taka’s new partner in homicide. She lets us know a bit about how her character fits in with our original group.

“There’s a serial killer and for my character, the biggest challenge is once she’s on board. In the beginning, she’s very skeptical of it all because she’s following her partner. She values his opinions and his judgement. She’s following his intuition. In order to make a case, we have to have evidence. We have to have facts. So it isn’t until he gets into her dreams that she’s really able to jump on board with it all.”

The big story

Falling Water interview

Sepideh revealed a bit more to us about what the main story line of season two will be, and what her part is in it all. Things are going to get a bit darker this season, if that’s even possible! This time, the group is dealing with a serial killer. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the killer is committing the violent acts through the victims’ dreams. Sepideh gives us a few more details on the new dynamics.

“So what we have here is a serial killer who goes into people’s dreams and gets them to commit murder. So he gets them to commit violent acts that ultimately lead to death through their dreams. We see through his victims, who are actually the murderers. They’ve done these acts, these horrible acts. But its not actually them because their possessed through their dreams. They’re sleep walking. Or sleep killing. Now we’re trying to make a case.”

Looking deeper into Alex

So how will the partnership between Alex and Taka work? How will Taka get Alex to become a believer and team up with him, Tess, and Burton? Sepideh gives us an inside look at how Alex views not only the world, but her job as well. She’s going to be a bit skeptical of the entire dream situation, but we know Taka turns her around!

“She’s pretty committed to the legal system. She’s pretty committed to justice being served. Sometimes those things don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Very experienced, she’s been doing this since she can remember. Wanted to do this since she can remember. Taka is newer in homicide. While their both equals, their colleagues. He might lean on her experience within the department a little bit more. She’s very tough, very conditioned.”

We can’t wait to see Sepideh Moafi join the team! Not only will it be nice to see someone draw Taka a bit more out of his shell, but it will be great having another strong female on the team. The relationship between Taka and Alex is something that we’re pretty excited to experience!

Let us know in the comments below how excited you are for the new season of Falling Water. What about Sepideh Moafi joining the cast? Be sure to check in with Pure Fandom for all your entertainment needs! Falling Water season two will be premiering on USA Network later this year!


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