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‘The Magicians’: Brad and Cort Talk Magic, Demi-gods, Fave S2 Moments, and S3 News

The Magicians, Season 3 premieres on January 10, 2018, at 9/8c

It appears that magic isn’t dead after all. The year has been long but fret not because the hour is near when we all return to Fillory and Brakebills. We ended season 2 with the knowledge that just a spark of magic remained with “God-touched” Julia. Season 3 returns with the all-new episode, “The Tales of Seven Keys”. Listen in as Brad and Cort talk all things The Magicians and play catch up with where exactly our favorite characters ended the season and how they got there. Then we spend some time reminiscing about our favorite moments and episodes. Eliot going full-on Swayze and the Les Mes musical number! So many great moments. This show has such an original approach and we can’t wait to see which will be our greatest hits for season 3.

Hit play and listen in as we do a deep dive into the different character arcs from season 2. We also, discuss the latest trailer and bits of news we’ve heard during this long hiatus. We’re are absolutely ready to kick this new quest into high gear. Be sure to check back at Purefandom or our “Brad and Cort Talk” Facebook group for all things The Magicians. Also, be sure to check out our “2017 in Review” podcast that will be dropping soon.


Starting Jan 10th, The Magicians airs Wednesdays  at 9/8c

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