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‘Dynasty’ recap 1×09 “Rotten Things”

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 9, “Rotten Things”, Aired December 13th, 2017

The Christmas episode was all about family! But not in the best sense. Cristal’s trouble making sister arrives at the Carrington mansion. Steven is brought back from his sex and drug binge party by grandpa Carrington. The former head of the family company is concerned about their image. Fallon seems to be the one in the least amount of trouble this week. Don’t get us wrong, she’s still in trouble. Just less than everyone else for a change. Let’s break it down!

Dynasty recap 1x09

Daddy dearest

Stephen is returned home by Blake’s father Thomas. Grandpa Carrington discovered Stephen on his drug binge in the city. As a consequence, Thomas wants Blake to fire Stephen from the family company. Just when we think there’s a possibility Blake might do it, he refuses. Thomas threatens to have Blake removed from the company, but we were all on Blake’s side with this one.

Dynasty recap 1x09

Stephen just can’t leave well enough alone. He sneaks his friend Ted into the house so they can have a bit more time together. But, as usual, things don’t go according to plan and Blake catches Ted sneaking out of the mansion. Oh, Stephen, sometimes you make it hard for us to defend you. But Blake keeps on trying as he tries to be a good father to his son. We’ll just see how far it gets the two of them.

Best of intentions

Fallon plays the part of the conniving businesswoman once again. Through sleeping with Jeff she learns about him speaking with his imprisoned father. She decides to use it for their company to get an advantage. To make her plan a success, Fallon deceives Monica into visiting her father so Fallon can speak to some influential people at the prison to get them a deal on energy with her company.

Dynasty recap 1x09

While Fallon was only out to make her company a success and attempt to reunite Monica with her father, things don’t go according to plan. Monica refuses to see her father and Fallon can’t get Cecil to agree to see his daughter either. But Fallon’s good intentions don’t end there as she tells Jeff she no longer wants to continue their friends with benefits agreement. She wants to have something with him for real.

Decisions, decisions

Jeff’s got an awful lot of information on his hands and he seems a bit unsure of what to do with it all. He knows all about the truth of Matthew’s death and Stephen’s part in it all. He knows about Blake sleeping with his mother and he’s out for revenge. It seems Cecil was set up and his drug charge is bogus.

Dynasty recap 1x09

Just when we were letting ourselves get excited about Jeff and Fallon, they throw a wrench into our hopes and dreams. But we’re still holding out hope that he will make the right decision and not go against the Carringtons. Not now when things between he and Fallon could be something great! We believe in you, Jeff! Truth be told, we still love you no matter what and that is something that won’t change.

For real this time

The last of Cristal’s truths seem to finally come out. Well, we hope so. It seems as if every time we think a secret is the last one, another one pops up. Cristal brings her sister home for the holidays only to find out dear old sis was the one blackmailing her in the first place. A fact Cristal only finds out because of Anders. But why would Iris do such a thing to the sister who has taken care of her all this time?

Dynasty recap 1x09

It probably has something to do with what Cristal tells Blake is really the end of all the reveals. Cristal killed Iris’ husband when he was attacking her. While we don’t approve of him trying to hurt Iris, the sisters were attempting to steal all of the man’s money. But have no fear, Cristal didn’t really kill the man as he’s Blake’s next appointment when the Carrington returns to the office. We’re sure absolutely nothing good can come from this.

Battle of wills

It’s been made clear that Stephen has a drug problem. The first question comes with how serious it could be. Especially since he’s clearly feeling guilt over Matthew’s death since he found out he was indirectly responsible. Getting into bed, literally, with an ex who has an addiction of his own wasn’t the best decision. While we aren’t big fans of Grandpa Carrington, we can’t disagree with him bringing Stephen home.

Dynasty recap 1x09

There was some talk of Stephen going into rehab, but that doesn’t seem to be on Stephen’s to do list. He wants to get away with Ted, something that gets derailed when Ted is arrested for having drugs in his car. He says he’s set up, but isn’t that what they all say? But Stephen still does his best to get his ex out of the big house.


Will Stephen deal with his drug problem? What will Jeff decide to do when it comes time for revenge against the Carringtons? Will Blake’s marriage to Cristal survive? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs! Watch Dynasty Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW, and follow along with my live tweets during the show @Sarah_Jeanne17!

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