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The 8 most shocking moments from ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

As fans continue to pack theaters to take in the latest chapter of the Star Wars saga, it is now safe to openly dissect the film. As usual, fans are passionately sharing their thoughts and theories regarding The Last Jedi. Whether you loved it or hated it, the movie served up some shocking and unexpected moments. Here is our list of the eight most shocking moments for Episode VIII:

#1 Luke’s reaction to the lightsaber

the last jedi luke lightsaber

The Force Awakens wrapped up with Rey taking the journey to find Luke. She and Chewie make their way to Ahch-To, the small island that Luke has been hiding in isolation. Seeing the return of Luke was a monumental moment for Star Wars fans. Unfortunately, we were left waiting until Episode VIII to see his reaction to Rey and the return of his lightsaber. In an unexpected move, Luke takes a moment to hold the lightsaber and surprisingly throws it over his shoulder. The action sets up his reluctance to help Rey or return in any type of Jedi role.

#2 Leia Force floating

We had a feeling that Kylo Ren would hesitate in killing his own mother. His action did not stop the rest of the First Order from blasting away the Resistance base. The fighters targeted the location of the ship with prominent members of the Resistance, you may have been concerned about General Leia’s fate. As she floated in space, it was assumed she was gone forever. As usual, never count out Princess Leia. She uses her force strength to float back to a safe place on the ship and gave fans a reason to stop holding their breath.

#3 RIP Admiral Ackbar

the last jedi admiral ackbar

Thankfully, Leia did not meet her demise from the attack but the same cannot be said for others. Admiral Ackbar was a crucial member in the numerous wars plaguing the galaxy. It was a shame to see someone with so much power and service under his belt get killed in a quick attack. Fans were hoping for something more meaningful or personal for a beloved character.

#4 Captain Phasma’s arc

There was a lot of hype surrounding the high-ranking female stormtrooper prior to The Force Awakens premiere. Captain Phasma never really received the role fans expected. Her involvement with the First Order was less than expected. Fans figured she would probably have a bigger role in The Last Jedi, especially considering her appearance in the trailer. While Phasma did have an epic fight scene with Finn, she was easily defeated. Possibly teased to have fallen to a fiery death, it seems like she could be back for hopefully a bigger role in the future.

#5 Yoda’s return

the last jedi yoda

In addition to the number of noteworthy and nostalgia-driven scenes, the biggest shock was definitely the return of Yoda. Because he died some time ago, he returned as a Force Ghost but that didn’t affect the sincerity of the scene with Luke. Yoda’s guidance and justification about Jedi mentorship gave Luke the motivation to carry out his finale arc. Plus, seeing Yoda giggle and hit Luke with his cane was a joy to witness.

#6 Kylo Ren betraying Snoke

We knew that Kylo Ren was struggling with his dedication to the Dark Side. Both Kylo Ren and Rey are seemingly being pulled to the other side. After delivering Rey to Snoke, it was a surprise to see Kylo Ren succumb to his internal struggle and take out the leader of the First Order. As Snoke was sliced in half with a lightsaber, Kylo Ren and Rey team up to battle it out with Snoke’s guards. The fight sequence makes for one of the most memorable scenes in the movie.

#7 Rey’s family reveal

the last jedi rey parents

For fans hoping that Kylo Ren would come to the Light Side, you sure went through a roller coaster of a ride. After teaming up with Rey, he still doesn’t fully commit to assisting her fight to end the fight between the First Order and the Resistance. Instead, Kylo Ren wants to let the past die and start a new power. At one point he reveals to Rey that her parents were nobodies, crushing the numerous fan theories about her powerful heritage. Whether he was messing with her or telling the truth, the thought of her coming from nothing makes her that much more special.

#8 Luke’s last move

After refusing to assist Rey in her mission, Luke finally showed up on Crait to help with the efforts against his failed student, Kylo Ren. We get a bittersweet reunion between Luke and Leia and a much anticipated faceoff between the season Jedi and his nephew. To the viewers surprise, Luke was actually still on Ahch-To, projecting himself across the galaxy. His effort distracted the First Order long enough for the surviving Resistance members to escape. Sadly, his action weakened him to the point of passing away into the Force. Although it was a peaceful moment, it was a heartbreaking moment in the Star Wars saga.

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