The 7 best moments from ‘The Gifted’ midseason finale

The Gifted midseason finale: Season 1, Episode 10, “eXploited,” Aired Dec. 11, 2017

If you missed this weeks midseason finale of The Gifted, you missed a lot of insane twists and turns! This show has become a guilty pleasure for us! We can’t wait to see what will happen next and if our favorite mutants will be safe after it’s all over. We have the 7 best moments of the episode broken down for you!

The Gifted
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#1. Dr. Campbell is a very bad man!

It’s official. We really do not like Dr. Campbell! He’s convinced Agent Turner to hand over the mutants. He tells him they had a deal. Turner does what he says, which was a huge mistake. Dr. Campbell wants to see just what Lauren and Andy can do. He puts them in a room that is supposed to be indestructible. Notice we said, “supposed to be.”  Lauren and Andy refuse, so the evil doctor decides they need motivation. He brings Dreamer and Blink into the room he’s in and tells Lauren and Andy if they don’t do what he’s asking, their friends will pay the consequences. Dreamer tells them not to do what he wants. Dr. Campbell then does the unthinkable…

#2. R.I.P. Dreamer.

That unthinkable act? Dr. Campbell shoots Dreamer! Right in the heart! Cue the sobs. Yes, she’s done some questionable things, but she didn’t deserve to die! Lauren and Andy are still reluctant so the doctor points the gun at Blink until they comply. We have to wonder what this development will do to Thunderbird. While we know he has feelings for Blink, he did have a relationship with Dreamer at one time. This may also hit Polaris hard. She and Dreamer were best friends. As for us, we can’t say we’ll miss her that much. Sure it’s sad she died, but she really didn’t have that huge of an impact on the show as a whole. #Sorrynotsorry.

The Gifted
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#3. Parent to parent.

At the urging of Esme, Reed and Kate decide to go see Agent Turner. They’re going to visit him at home to try to get him to help them get Andy and Lauren back. Kate brings a gun just for shock value, we think. They talk to both Agent Turner and his wife, and Reed tries to tell him what they’re doing in that facility isn’t good. Agent Turner tells them that he’s not helping them. Kate tries one last plea with him, telling him that she’s seen firsthand what happens to mutants in Dr. Campbell’s care. Agent Turner still doesn’t want to budge, so the Strucker’s leave. It’s his wife that finally convinces him by asking him what he’s doing in their daughter’s name.

#4. Lauren and Andy.

Lauren and Andy have no idea what is going to happen to them next when they are first captured. Andy is scared, and Lauren tells him that someone will come for them. They just have to be patient. After the doctor’s experiment, the kids are even more freaked out. Remember that indestructible room? Well, Lauren and Andy almost demolished it. Luckily no one was hurt. Together these two seem to be even more powerful than their ancestors were. We think they’ll use those powers for good if given the chance.

The Gifted
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#5. Prison transfer.

Agent Turner finally comes to his senses and calls Dr. Campbell. He tells them that he’s coming to pick up all of the mutants at the facility. Dr. Campbell reminds him once again that they had a deal, but Turner tells him that he’s not sure what he’s doing is legal and he’s taking back the prisoners while he checks it out. Thanks to Esme, the transfer goes horribly wrong. She wants her family back and she’ll stop at nothing to get them. This includes knocking out Eclipse so she can go rogue.

#6. Esme is in fact shady!

We warned you that Esme needed to be watched. She’s got the Strucker’s going out on their own then tattles on them to the rest of the group. Causing friction seems to be her endgame. Or is it? Esme is not only a telepath, she can also make people do things. She plants the thoughts in their head until they carry out the act. During the transfer, she starts making the officers shoot each other and themselves. Turner is hit, but his wound isn’t fatal. At least we don’t think it is! The shootout became so crazy that you couldn’t really tell what was happening! Once Esme’s family steps off the bus, we see why it was so important for her to get them back.

The Gifted
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#7. There’s three of them!

Esme’s family is none other than two sisters. Two sisters that are identical to her and have the same abilities. The Stepford Cuckoo have arrived, and they mean business. After all the bloodshed getting them back, these three need to get far away and fast. Something tells us that’s not what’s going to happen. There’s no show without some drama, right? These three were trained by Emma Frost, so they are lethal.

6 Questions for the midseason premiere:

  1. Now that all of the mutants from the bus are free, what will they do with their freedom?
  2. What part will The Stepford Cuckoo play in the Underground?
  3. Will Reed ever stop making stupid decisions?
  4. What lengths will Agent Turner and Sentinel Services go to to catch the Mutant Underground now that he’s lost someone else close to him?
  5. How will Thunderbird react to learning of Dreamer’s death?
  6. Will Dreamer’s death have an impact on Polaris? They were besties, after all.
The Gifted
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This episode was absolutely insane! From the creepy beginning to the explosive end, we were glued to our screens! It’s going to be hard to wait until Jan. 1 for the next episode. We really want to see how this is going to play out! What did you think of this episode of The Gifted? Tweet us your reactions to the episode at @Pure_Fandom or @ndintelman34.

The Gifted airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX

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