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5 Unique and magical gifts for ‘Once Upon a Time’ fans

Know a fangirl or fanboy in your life who lives and breathes Once Upon a Time? Fear not, we have the gift giving guide for the Oncers in your life. Or maybe even for yourself. It is the season of giving, but hey, why not treat yourself too? Below is a list of the top 5 gifts for your beloved Oncers!

The complete 6 seasons on DVD


What better gift than the gift of the first 6 seasons of the show? This is perfect for those who are kickin’ it old school and prefer to use their DVD player over Netflix or Hulu. You’re not alone; I received the first 5 seasons last year as a gift, and I treasure them. That way, when your subscriptions to streaming services are up, you can pop a disc in the DVD player and binge to your heart’s content! The DVDs can be found at Target, eBay, Amazon, and basically anywhere.

Story book purse

once upon a time gifts
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For those looking for the more fashionable gift to give, this is IT. Now the Oncer in your life can carry the actual story book (well, not the actual one) on their arm. To complete the purse is a compass… and is that a hook I see as a keychain? Hmmm… seems to be a Captain Swanish purse to me. So that makes it perfect for both Captain Swan, Hook, and OUAT lovers. Yay! Also, look how cute it is. I want.

This super festive sweater

once upon a time gifts
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So, I bought this last week for the holidays because look how cute it is! It’s purely a holiday sweater, but who says you have to restrict yourself? This sweater can be worn to show off your Oncer pride while also being festive 365 days of the year. The design also comes in tanks, t-shirts, sweaters, and more! The design has aspects of every character in it, so nobody can go wrong. Wear this shirt and embrace your inner fangirl or fanboy.

Once Upon a Time Stickers

once upon a time gifts

Laptops and tablets can always use some sprucing up. Why not some Once Upon a Time related stickers? There’s like a million to choose from. Well, almost a million. Find stickers for any aspect of the fandom by searching on RedBubble by ship, character, or favorite quote, and you’ll most likely be able to find it. Plus, these artists are awesome, and I like to appreciate and support their work because I’m not talented enough to create myself. Go crazy and buy all the stickers. They also have awesome sales on the site.

Decorative anchors ahoy

Instagram: @pipspiratetreasures

Maybe your fellow Oncer likes decorative things, then these anchors are perfect for them. The anchors can be seen on her Instagram, and they’re available on her etsy for custom order! These anchors are for fans of Hook (if you’re not a fan of Hook, who even are you? Jk!) They are handmade designs to accompany different versions of Hook from the series. Do you like Dark Hook, or maybe Lt. Killian Jones? Look no further than these wall hangings. Perfect for dorms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc! Pip is an awesome artist, and I always like seeing her work on my Twitter dash.

Get online and shop for the Oncer in your life, or maybe you’re buying for yourself. I know I dabble in the world of buying myself fandom related things. These are the perfect gifts, and a lot of them are created by people in the fandom just like YOU!

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