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‘Dynasty’ recap 1×08 “The Best Things in Life

Dynasty recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “The Best Things in Life”, Aired Dec. 6, 2017

Tree lighting, balcony sex, and blackmail, oh my! Things got pretty heavy for what was supposed to be a lighthearted and happy holiday celebration. But, that is how the Carringtons tend to do things. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Not so ready

Blake tells Cristal that he wants to have a child with her, and she seems pretty down with the idea. Until we see her go to the doctor and sigh in relief when he tells her the IUD is still in place. He also tells her she should be good for another few years. Wow. Cristal. Every time we try to think the best of you, things go south and we discover another dirty little secret.

Dynasty recap 1x08

Cristal isn’t the only one not so ready for something. Fallon doesn’t seem ready to let Michael go. She’s trying desperately to latch her claws into him, but he isn’t having it. We’re kind of happy about it in a way. It clears the path for Jeff, anyway. Besides, Michael seems pretty happy with Kori and their relationship was off to a much better start than his secret relationship with Fallon.

Dangerous happenings

Cristal finds a cooler full of dead fish in her car. Well, at least it was fish and not human, right? The point here is that you probably shouldn’t steal other people’s money, Cristal. When trying to hide the cooler in the basement at the mansion, Cristal is startled by Anders and drops it. What the hell were you doing trying to hide it down there in the first place? Not that anything about Cristal surprises Anders anymore.

Dynasty recap 1x08

Stephen continues down his path of private investigating. Every private eye needs a partner, right? Enter Jeff! We kind of love their friendship. We have no idea where it came from, but we love how close these two are! Jeff does his best to help Stephen out by looking into some of Stansfield’s old cases. But then Stephen gets kidnapped. Relax, it was by Blake. He just wanted to talk some sense into Stephen and get him to stop investigating. That’s a totally normal thing for a parent to do to their kid.

Blackmail never ends

Stephen ends up discovering some incriminating evidence against Stansfield, but is outsmarted. He tells Jeff to just get rid of the recording, but Jeff won’t go down so easily. See? This is why he and Fallon are the perfect match. Jeff uses the recording to force Stansfield to leave his job and the city. Meanwhile Stephen deals with his failure by snorting some cocaine on his way to see an ex. Well, then.

Dynasty recap 1x08

As much as it shocked us all to see Anders helping Cristal out, we also kind of love it. There is nothing that Anders doesn’t know apparently. The man has clearly been around the block a time or two. Anders agrees to help Cristal out with the men in her past as long as she agrees to tell Blake the truth about her past pregnancy and that she still has an IUD. The money exchange goes off without a hitch, which is a bit suspicious. We’re not so sure it’s over yet.

True intentions

Fallon decides to go to the tree lighting with Jeff, since Michael is going with Kori. After attempting to make friends with Kori and failing, Fallon goes about things in a different way. She takes Jeff to the balcony for the perfect spot to watch the tree lighting. While there, they discover Michael and Kori getting it on. We’re still not sure what Fallon’s intentions were by bringing Jeff up there in the first place. Fallon decides to throw Michael’s clothes over the railing and lock him and Kori on the roof.

Dynasty recap 1x08

Sammy Jo is told in no uncertain terms that his opinion doesn’t matter, and never will. He decides to prove his worth to both Blake and Fallon by spying on them and figuring out what they are giving out for corporate gifts. Cue the product placement with the new Google Pixel phone! While it may be that easy to pull one over on Blake, it’s not nearly as easy to do so with Fallon. Our girl ends up with the upper hand and wins with a smile. But she does agree to take Sammy under her wing.

Change of heart

Fallon eventually decides that maybe it is time to let Michael go. She does her good deed for the year, and at her father’s expense, and follows it up by having security bring Michael and Kori their clothes, and also let them off the roof. She then makes her way to Jeff’s, who seems okay with being partners and friends with benefits. But we all know real feelings will develop. Well, we hope. On with the love making!

Dynasty recap 1x08

Anders ends up telling the truth about Cristal to Blake, who demands answers from is wife. She seems to be telling the truth about her heart wrenching past, and Blake seems to believe her. But, he’s clearly a good actor as he asks Anders to look into her past. Thoroughly.

Will Blake find more answers than he wanted about his wife? Will Jeff and Fallon remain friends with benefits, or will something else develop? What’s going to happen with Stephen? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs!

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