The 8 best moments from ‘The Gifted’ episode 1×09, “outfoX”

The Gifted recap: Season 1, Episode 9, “outfoX,” Aired Dec. 4, 2017

This week on The Gifted, Lauren and Andy learn what they can do together and Agent Turner is one step ahead of the Underground. We’ve broken down the 8 best moments of Episode 9!

The Gifted
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#1. Polaris has wild dreams!

Even when she’s sleeping, Polaris has to watch her powers. She had a nightmare that they were all locked in Sentinel Services and was so upset that she nearly broke everything in the bedroom. She tells Eclipse that she’s scared and they have to help the people that are trapped there already. She’s afraid for their baby.

#2. Esme is a creeper.

It’s hard to tell if Esme is sincere or not. She says that she just wants to rescue her family but everywhere you turn she’s spying on people. We can’t tell if she is genuinely concerned about her family or if she’s up to something. Being that she’s telepathic, she’s definitely someone that is going to have to be watched closely.  

The Gifted
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#3. Girl Power.

The underground needs to find out how they can get into Trask Laboratory. They find out that most of the employees of Trask hang out at a local bar. Of course, Eclipse volunteers himself to head right down there and get some intel. Polaris tells him that a bunch of guys will not talk to a guy. Polaris and Dreamer decide to make it a girls night out. They sweet talk one of the security guards, until he’s not paying attention and Polaris, knocks him out. Dreamer does her thing and gets the information out of his mind while he’s unconscious.

#4. Reed is still trying to come to terms with his background.

Reed still can’t believe the information he received from his father. He’s wondering if he could still be mutant somewhere or if it just went to the kids. He tells Kate about his grandfather and great-aunt. They were terrorists and they have the same powers as Lauren and Andy. Kate says that they have to tell the kids, no more secrets. Reed isn’t on board initially but does come around.

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#5. Two is better than one.

Reed and Kate tell the kids about their ancestors, but Andy had already done his own research. They take the kids to the vault to see if they’re as powerful as Otto said they were. Initially, they join hands and nothing happens. Andy tells Lauren to really concentrate and try again. When they do something overtakes both of them. Reed finally breaks the two apart before anything can happen. Lauren explains the experience as it’s like they become the same person. Andy and Lauren are both aware that they can do serious damage together. They felt the same feeling a year before when Andy grabbed Lauren’s hand when she was falling off a skateboard. Andy didn’t know he was a mutant at that time so they both shrugged it off.

#6. Agent Hottie is back!

We definitely missed Agent Turner in the last episode. Thankfully, or not depending on whose side you’re on, he’s back this week! He visits Dr. Creepy (Campbell) in the hospital. Dr. Campbell is badly burned due to the fallout at Otto’s in the last episode. Agent Turner tells another agent that they have to watch Trask Labs. He thinks that’s where the Underground is going to strike next. Maybe he’s really a mutant with psychic powers.

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#7. The mission.

Even though they didn’t have all of the intel they needed, Thunderbird okay’s the mission to break into the lab. At first, things are going well. Dreamer does her thing on a guard and gets him to forgo chasing them. Things get hairy when one of the spider robots comes after them. Everyone escapes except Blink. The spider nabs her. Andy & Lauren get trapped in the basement. Reed and Kate watch on the security cameras helpless. Outside the gate, Thunderbird realizes something is wrong and tells everyone to back off. Esme doesn’t go without a fight. Thunderbird literally has to carry her away.

#8. Caught.

Andy and Lauren join hands in the basement so they can try and free themselves. Andy realizing that they would kill everyone in the building breaks contact. He tells Lauren that they would kill everyone and he can’t do that. He’s wishing he had when Sentinel Services busts in and places them under arrest. Kate wants to go after her children but Reed holds her back. He knows that they will not be able to help them, not now.

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5 Questions for the Mid-Season Finale:

  1. What is going to happen to Lauren and Andy now that Sentinel has them?
  2. This is the 2nd time Blink has been captured. Will she get away again?
  3. How will the Struckers cope without their kids?
  4. Will Thunderbird regret the mission?
  5. What will the Underground do next?

Next week is the midseason finale. Do you think they will be able to rescue Lauren, Andy, and Blink? We bet it’s going to be even crazier than what happened this week! What did you think of this episode of The Gifted? Tweet us your reactions to the episode at @Pure_Fandom or @ndintelman34.

The Gifted airs Monday’s at 9/8c on FOX

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