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‘Supernatural’ recap: 13×09 “The Bad Place”

Supernatural recap: Season 13, Episode 9, “The Bad Place,” Aired Thursday, December, 7, 2017

Well, folks, that’s a wrap. This week was the winter finale. Supernatural won’t be back for a whole month. I know. Panic mode. Wait! Before we all freak out, let’s talk about this episode. Okay, first of all, the name. “The Bad Place?” We’ve been to hell, we’ve been to purgatory, we’ve been to the veil, the big empty, Apocalypse World, the list goes on. What place could really be worse than all of them?

Sweet Dreams are Made of These…

Big Empty

Guys! I found Jack! Sort of. He showed up again. He found a dream walker, a person of Native American descent that can travel through worlds. This particular dream walker was an artist. Under the guise of being a buyer, Jack comes to pay him a visit. He’s done his homework on the guy and knows that he’s been to Apocalypse World. He has the guy take him there. Unfortunately, it looks like it is taking a toll on the guy. Cut to the girlfriend coming back home, and the guy’s eyes have been burned out. Dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnnn.

Prepare for the Worst

Bad Place

Jody calls to tell the boys about the dead guy and tells them there is a witness that describes Jack at the scene. They immediately assume the worst: that Jack has killed him. When they learn that the guy was a dream walker who had been to Apocalypse World, they thought that Jack was trying to get to Lucifer and bring him back. Remember, they don’t know that Luci is over here and that he and Cas are currently being held by Boss Hog down in Hell.


Bad Place

During this episode, we see Patience, the granddaughter of Missouri Mosely, dealing with some visions that she’s been having even though she tells her dad they have stopped. Dean is trying to get a hold of her and her dad shoots it down. Eventually, she has a vision that shows something very bad happening to Jody. She can’t ignore that, so she tells her dad she still has visions and that she can’t let Jody get hurt when she can stop it. So her dad pulls a Joyce Summers and tells her that if she leaves, she can’t come back. The last time we see her in this episode, she is standing at Jody’s door. Gee, that seems pretty wayward if you ask me. See what I did there?


Bad Place

Dream walker take 2! Jack is tracking a new dream walker, and the boys are not far behind him. We see her sitting in a group therapy session for addicts. After Jack finds her, the boys do, too. Then, some angels show up and kidnap her. She hears the angels talk about how they killed the other dream walker looking for Jack.

While she’s with the angels, Jack and the boys catch up. Jack’s feelings are hurt that the boys thought those negative things about him. He informs them that he wasn’t looking for his father, but their mother. And he found her. He shows them what he was able to see with the help of the first dream walker: Mary trapped in the Apocalypse World. This gives Dean and Sam the resolve they need. Get her back, no matter what it takes.

The Bad Place

Bad Place

We find out that apparently Kaia can only go to one world, a world she calls “The Bad Place.” This world has a blue tint from the camera shots, and apparently when Kaia gets hurt there, she gets physically hurt in real life. There’s a showdown between Team Freewill 2.0 and the angels. Kaia is able to see Apocalypse World with Jack’s help. They are about to go there to find Mary and escape the angels.

Kaia still has some trouble focusing, and everyone gets scattered. Kaia is still somewhere in our world. Jack is by himself in Apocalypse World with Mary. Sam and Dean are in the Bad Place. It is heavily implied that there’s dinosaur-esque monsters there. And……..episode over.

Santa left some withdrawals in our stockings…

Bad Place

I hate to say this, but that is all we get for a whole month! What are we going to do?! Personally, I’m going to cry in a hole while I watch reruns on Netflix. Don’t you judge me! Anyways, when we come back, we’ll see the rest of this backdoor pilot to the long awaited spinoff Wayward Sisters. Oh, and also, Jensen Ackles’ beautiful wife Daneel will be joining the onscreen SPN family! So much to look forward to. Is it enough to hold you over for the holidays?

What did you think of this episode? Hit the comments and check out our personal MOL bunker for more Supernatural news! Also, I am trying to get into live-tweeting the episodes so go check me out @Fandom_Airlines.

Supernatural will return to The CW on January 18, 2018.

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