‘Gotham’ fall finale recap: 4×11 “Queen Takes Knight”

Gotham fall finale recap: Season 4, Episode 11, “Queen Takes Knight,” Aired Dec 7, 2017

It’s a Falcone family reunion on this weeks Gotham. Don Falcone returns, and loyalties are tested from the GCPD, to Penguin’s lackeys, to the Falcone gang. There are power struggles, from Sofia controlling the entire city, to Jim and Penguin and the GCPD, to Ed trying to control the Riddler, and Butch trying to gain control of Grundy. With all these power issues, tensions run high in this Gotham fall finale.

Daddy’s little girl

Gotham fall finale 04x11 queen takes knight don falcone returns

Penguin tattles to Sofia’s father, and Don Falcone returns to Gotham to get his daughter out of the city. However, the Falcone family’s plan to leave is thwarted when a van of men everyone assumes to be Penguin’s drives by and shoots both Sofia and her father. Don Falcone dies, but Sofia survives. Since everyone thinks the men are Penguin’s, the criminal leader is at the center of the wrath of the entire city. Without her father to keep her in line, I would be scared if I were Penguin.

“It’s time we show Gotham who we are.”

Harvey is nearing the end of his leave, and he is more than ready to tell Jim an “I told you so” about finally paying the bill for that promotion. So Jim follows Harvey’s advice to draw Penguin out so he can arrest him. Even Victor can admit Jim has “great leadership skills,” and Zsasz is willing to testify against Penguin for the murder of Martin (even though we know that Martin is very much alive). Jim and the GCPD start off the war on top, but he and the other cops seem to have forgotten that Sofia is very much still alive and in Gotham. With Zsasz and the sirens on her side, she is able to easily take the lead.

Gotham fall finale 04x11 queen takes knight sirens of gotham barbara

But surprise! Sofia has been in control this entire half a season. Professor Pyg was unleashed by Sofia.

But wait, there’s more! Sofia was the one who had her father shot. Even more, Sofia is exactly where she wants to be, and she is finally getting her revenge on Jim for killing her brother. Jim has to live with his guilt, knowing that all the cops killed by Pyg were indirectly his fault. Sofia really knows what she’s doing.

Operation Save Bruce Wayne

Gotham fall finale 04x11 queen takes knight alfred and bruce operation save bruce wayne

Alfred continues to be wonderful, and he is absolutely set on helping Bruce return to normal. Bruce – still a teenager – retaliates and claims that his partying has brought him joy and saved him from the pain of his parents’ murder and the guilt from Ra’s al Ghul’s death. Bruce is so set on his partying, that he starts a physical fight with his butler, who takes him easily.

Bruce’s reply is super harsh. He went to a lawyer, and now Alfred isn’t his legal guardian anymore. Well, that’s just not cool, Bruce.


Gotham fall finale 04x11 queen takes knight bruce wayne fires alfred pennyworth



In the Narrows, Ed struggles to control the Riddler, and Grundy – with Tabitha’s help – starts remembering life as Butch. Of course, the memories don’t flood back until after Tabitha gives up and leaves, but it looks like Grundy may be an identity of the past. Butch might be back for good.

Gotham fall finale 04x11 queen takes knight solomon grundy remembers butch

At Arkham, Penguin rages in his cell, and comes face to face with none other than Jerome. Our Joker has returned! With Jerome back, I expect things to get very interesting when Gotham returns, especially the dynamic between him and Penguin.


This Gotham fall finale was intense. I cannot wait for the next episode. This is going to be one loooooooong hiatus. With Alfred and Bruce and Harvey and Jim still fighting, the tension is high in this finale. When the show returns this spring, Penguin and the Joker seem to have quite the relationship. Bruce goes further into his vigilante life, and it looks like Ra’s al Ghul’s death will catch up with the young Wayne. We will finally see Ivy on our screens again. Sofia will continue to play Jim and the rest of the city. And the sirens look insanely good. I agree with Jerome – the second half of this season is going to be “so much fun!”


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