Home Recaps ‘Riverdale’ Recap: 2×08 “Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil”
‘Riverdale’ Recap: 2×08 “Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil”

‘Riverdale’ Recap: 2×08 “Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil”


Riverdale recap: Season 2, Episode 8, “Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil” Aired Dec. 6, 2017

Well, holy crap. That episode of Riverdale was bonkers! We didn’t just get new info on the Black Hood mystery, we got an entire new mystery surrounding the third child and the group that helped him end the Riverdale Reaper! There was also some heartbreak and possibly the start of something new.

Let’s break it all down!

Archie and Veronica. These two crazy kids just can’t keep their hands off of each other. Jughead’s theory is that they are using their physical affections to defy the Black Hood’s dark shadow over the town. Could that be it, or is Veronica just too scared to talk about her feelings so she is hiding behind sex? Well, after Archie confesses his love for her and she doesn’t say it back, we are starting to lean toward the feelings thing.

Free FP! Yay!!! Everyone’s favorite hoodlum DILF is out of jail! Juggie is thrilled obvi. He wants his dad to help him run the Serpents, but FP is ready to start his life on the straight and narrow now. Also, can we all just stop to appreciate the hell out of Alice Cooper and FP’s crazy sexual tension? Amazing. We need more of that please!


Varchie – the new Bughead. With Jughead focusing on his dad and Betty wanting some distance from the Black Hood, it’s up to Veronica and Archie to pick up the investigation. Veronica and Archie are not on the same level as Riverdale‘s best teen detectives (Bughead), but they have a solid lead – the Devil’s House.

Cheryl and Josie. What is up with these two? We know that Cheryl has taken quite a liking to Josie, but it is really starting to get weird. We love that they are exploring more of Josie and Cheryl, but Cheryl is taking this all to a new level of unhinged. If Cheryl is starting to develop feelings for Josie, we hope that she has the chance to explore it in a healthy, non-stalker way. She deserves that.


Devil’s House. Veronica and Archie head to the house where the grizzly Riverdale Reaper murders occurred. It’s absolutely chilling to watch them recall the murder and to see the reenactment. Despite my deep, deep doubts, Veronica and Archie stumble on a clue (and a full case file) and get a break in the mystery! They figure out that there is a third kid that survived the murders, and he’s closer than they thought. He’s the janitor at the school, Svenson!

Dark Betty! Betty is ready to ditch her good girl vibes for her man. She is worried about Jughead and thinks that if she is closer to the Serpents, she can watch out for him – that’s what she says anyway. Is this really all just an excuse for her to unleash her alter ego, Dark Betty?


Party time. At FP’s party, things get crazy, and I mean CRAZY. Veronica and Archie discuss their growing tension and sing a haunting duet. Veronica gets upset and storms off stage, but never fear – stripping Betty is here! In order to “join” the Serpents as a woman, Toni tells Betty how she needs to do “the dance.” Betty decides to do it in her underwear on a stage in front of all the Serpents and a visibly upset Jughead. Oh! And when she finishes, FP runs on stage to announce he is not retiring. Is it because he really wants to stay or is he taking over the club so he can watch out for Jughead?

The Snake Charmer. We have our answer. While in jail, FP had asked Jughead not to get involved with Penny, but Jughead didn’t listen. FP found out and that’s why he isn’t retiring. It’s super sad and our hearts break for both of the Jones fellas. Will they ever catch a break?

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Everybody breaks up! Holy cow! Despite everything these two have going for them, Betty and Jughead break it off. (SOB!) And after the “L” word issue, Veronica and Archie are dunzo too. If that’s not shocking enough, the end of the episode hints at a possible relationship brewing between Archie and Betty! We aren’t sure how to feel about that one just yet. Come back and ask us after we have cried our Bughead and Varchie tears some more!

More mystery. During the craziness of everything and in the preview for next week, there is a photo that the janitor is holding. When he told Archie and Veronica about what happened the night his fam was murdered, he said that a group of guys helped him track down the murderer and kill him. But who was the group of guys? Is the entire group acting as the Black Hood? Is this some sort of cleansing of the town? Gah! The plot thickens!

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