‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 3×09 “Beebo the God of War”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 3, Episode 9, “Beebo the God of War,” Aired December 5, 2017.

Welcome back Legends! This episode was both unusual and funny at the same time. This week we find the Legends in the Viking period. Ava Sharpe also makes a guest appearance, which almost ferments my Ava/Sara theory. Let’s check out the top moments of last night’s episode!

Young Stein returns.

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Leo Snart, the doppleganger from Earth-X, has taken it upon himself to help the team, after Stein’s death. He has setup grief counseling in Sara’s office. Yes, it is as funny as it sounds!

At the same time we flash back to 1992. A young Martin Stein is in line to purchase a Beebo stuffed animal for a young Lily. He is able to get the last one. Once the Beebo is in Stein’s hand he is tossed into the Viking era.

Who tossed him? We have no idea. Once again one of the Legend’s younger selves is being threatened.

Ava Sharpe returns.

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The Legends find out Young Stein is in the Viking Era. Ava contacts Sara noticing the anachronism. She goes with the Legends. Sara and the others find Stein imprisoned.

  • Jax cuts him loose.
  • The Vikings are conquering more territory than the originally did.
  • Stein’s Beebo is the new God the Vikings are worshipping.

Martin was thrown into this period. His talking Beebo was captured and they began to worship it, because it could talk. I am still laughing about this.

The Darhk’s


The team try to steal the Beebo and things get crazy.

  • Damien arrives claiming to be Odin.
  • Nora arrives with him.
  • Damien uses his magic to appear as if he is shooting lightning.

Sara tells the Legends to retreat which is so unlike her. Ava told Sara she did the right thing. They needed to regroup. Sara admits to Ava she was afraid someone else would die.

The Plan

The Legends regroup in the Waverider. Sara asks Ava if she can ask the time bureau for backup.

“I am sorry Sara. The Time Bureau believes it is too risky and they can’t spare the man power right now. I have been asked to return.”

Sara asks Ava to stay. Swoon. Unfortunately she returns to the Bureau. The Legends develop a plan of attack.

Meanwhile, Jax takes Stein back to his time period. Believe it or not the Legends actually learned from their past mistakes in this episode. Sara wants a clear plan. They ask for help when they need it.

This is quite a development.

Meet Mollus


The fighting ensues. They take out Beebo and the Vikings. Heat Wave and Captain Cold manage to take out Nora. Enraged, Damien grabs Nora to take her back to where they came from. This time, however Sara grabs onto Damien.

  • Sara gets thrown in to an alternate dimension.
  • She meets Mollus and feels empty.
  • Ava grabs Sara and brings her back to the present.

This is yet again, another wonderful ship moment. Sara talks to Ava about her experience in the dimension. The amount of cuteness is real.

The Legends for once, successfully reset the timeline!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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