Home Exclusives Pure Fandom Set Exclusive: NBC’s ‘Taken’ cast previews season 2 and new characters
Pure Fandom Set Exclusive: NBC’s ‘Taken’ cast previews season 2 and new characters

Pure Fandom Set Exclusive: NBC’s ‘Taken’ cast previews season 2 and new characters


Pure Fandom got the awesome opportunity to head to the set of Taken! We learned all kinds of cool things about what’s going to happen when the show premieres in January, and we’re here to share them with  you! Among tours of the set and an awesome sit down with the new showrunner, Greg Plageman, we also got to talk with the cast. Not just Clive Standen, and Jennifer Beals, but new cast members Adam Goldman and Jessica Camacho also!

Clive Standen

Taken cast

You can’t interview the cast of Taken without the man who plays a young Bryan Mills! Standen talks to us about what it’s like with a new team and having to learn to be a team player — something we know Bryan Mills doesn’t exactly excel in. He also spoke with us about the other kinds of changes we can expect from Bryan in season 2.

I felt that season 1 had to be a reboot of the character. Because when we watch Taken, we don’t much think about the Bryan Mills character along the lines of his strengths and weaknesses. So, we want to actually see what makes him tick. I never want to deliver a finished product. It all has to be a work in progress. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Season 2 — he’s off the chain now. He knows the rules, he can break them. Christina trusts him.

We can’t wait to see this new sort of dysfunctional family in action when the new season comes our way in January. Things are going to get interesting as new relationships are formed and new team objectives are created. We’ve also been told there will be bit of a lighter side to the new season. Another intriguing side of the show we can’t wait to see!

Jennifer Beals

Taken cast

While she was a big player in the first season (and Bryan’s handler), Christina is making some major changes as well. She’s adamant about having the best team, regardless of what the higher-ups are looking for. That’s why she goes back and finds some of the best people she’s encountered in her career to make a brand new team. All bets will be off, and most rules will be broken. We sat down with Beals to discuss her character, Christina Hart.

I think she’s a real transformative leader. The responsibility ends with her, but she’s assembled a team that she thoroughly believes in and she’s not interested in telling all of them how it’s going to go down. It’s really important for her to illicit the best from all of those people that are around her. For the team to have all of the information before making the decision and certainly the buck stops with her. You can’t have a team and just dictate. Why would you assemble the best and brightest if you’re just going to dictate?

Isn’t that the kind of leader we’d all like to have or become? Add to that, there’s no one better than Jennifer Beals to play the part! We can’t wait to see what Christina is going to do with her new team and how she’ll handle herself without being under the watchful eye of any superiors.

Jessica Camacho

Taken cast

Camacho (Sleepy Hollow, The Flash) has joined the cast as Santana. An ex-Army captain that can pretty much get her hands on anything and everything for her team. She is a weapons expert that doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. We can’t wait to dig a bit deeper into her story line and where her character came from… or how Christina found her. Camacho talked to us a bit about the new dynamic that we will see in season 2.

I think each episode, for the most part, serves as a standalone story line. The connecting part is the formation of the team. As they kind of learn more about one another, it’s about how it changes the team dynamic — how we see their relationships kind of start to expand. So, I think the connecting part is the team as a whole.

Adam Goldberg

Taken cast

But Camacho didn’t greet us alone! She brought along fellow new costar, Adam Goldberg (The Jim Gaffagan Show, The Unusuals). He took things a bit more on the lighthearted and witty side. We loved every moment. From talking about his new character to how he made an executive decision for his character to not wear pants behind the computer (he was kidding about that part… we think). Goldberg will be playing genius hacker, Harden Kilroy. We’re pretty excited to see him on our screens! Hopefully with pants! Here’s a bit about what Andy had to say.

We’re not working for the government in the same way as the first season. The whole construct is slightly different this season. They describe me as being a bit of an anarchist, but I think it’s less that and more of a guy who is anti-establishment. My guy is a wise ass basically so that’s a real challenge for me.

Let us know in the comments below what you’re most excited to see in the upcoming season of Taken.

Taken premieres Friday, Jan. 12 at 9/8c on NBC.

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