Home Exclusives Showrunner Greg Plageman talks big changes for NBC’s ‘Taken’ season 2
Showrunner Greg Plageman talks big changes for NBC’s ‘Taken’ season 2

Showrunner Greg Plageman talks big changes for NBC’s ‘Taken’ season 2


It’s official! Taken will be making its way back to our screens for a second season on Jan. 12th, 2018! Didn’t see the first season? That’s okay! The first season is certainly worth looking into, but the second season is coming into play in a completely different way!

Taken Season Two

New Season

We at Pure Fandom got the chance to not only take a set tour, but we also got to sit and chat with Greg Plageman (Taken’s new showrunner)! Plageman shared a little about what he wants to see in the new season, saying:

“Bryan Mills is obviously a man capable of violence. He’s a man with a very particular set of skills. I love the resourcefulness of Bryan Mills in the films. That’s difficult to continue with a television show. What I want to do is refocus on Bryan Mills. Let’s see the resourcefulness. Let’s see that guy when thrust in a certain situation can take the mantle of someone else’s situation on and make it right for them. “

New Stories

While Plageman believes that overall season arcs are great, he also wants to make a show that anyone can jump into, no matter what episode number it’s on. So each episode is going to wrap up a little at the end, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be bad guys we don’t get to see over and over again. Every hero needs an arch enemy, right?

“There’s a certain amount of monster or bad guy of the week.”

New Cast

Not only is the show being reimagined in a way, but we are getting a whole different dynamic, including all new cast members! One of the actors being added is Adam Goldberg. You may know Goldberg from The Jim Gaffigan ShowNYC 22, or even The Unusuals! He’ll be playing the part of a brilliant, yet mysterious hacker. Plageman gave us some hints on Adam’s character.

“For me, Adam Goldberg’s character, Killroy is a mystery. He’s the guy that Jennifer Beals put away at one point in time and she realizes that he has a very particular set of skills.”

But Adam Goldberg isn’t the only new member of the cast. Jessica Camacho will be joining the show as well! You may know Camacho from The FlashSleepy Hollow, and Last Resort. She’s coming on as Santana, a former Army captain who also has a very special skill set. Plageman also gave us a small bit of info on what we can expect from her.

“Jessica Camacho’s Santana is a really cool character. She can get you anything. She can get you any supplies.”

New Day

Overall, while it’s not being considered a reboot, there are definitely going to be some major differences coming this season. There’s going to be a whole new team with a whole new objective too. With a new team comes a new lair. The base of operations will be set in an old abandoned bank. What place is safer than that? Plageman is on the same page as us fans when it comes to what kind of show Taken will ultimately be!

“It’s a show I want to watch. I want to make a show that I want to watch. That my son, my wife, and my daughter all want to watch.”

Taken Season 2

We hope you’re all as excited as we are! This is one show that we’re going to be sure to add to our watch lists when the new year starts. Pretty good New Year’s resolution if you ask us! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Don’t forget to tune in to Taken, airing Fridays at 9/8 on NBC beginning Jan. 12th, 2018!

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