Pure Fandom talks ‘Falling Water’ with Remi Aubuchon and Tim Andrew

Falling Water is coming back to USA Network for a second season. But things are going to be very different this time around. Not only as far as the story line goes, but for cast and crew members as well. Remi Aubuchon has joined as show runner. He came in to speak with Pure Fandom about the new season, along with Tim Andrew, also a new producer/director for the second season.

Changes take hold


Remi Aubuchon is excited to take on the task of continuing this wild ride of a show from the end of the first season. He’s excited to join the show after the characters have actually been established. Add to that, the original show runner was a mentor to him. Sadly, Henry Burmell passed away before he could see the show produced. Remi Aubuchon tells us where we can expect our characters to go.

Our season is about taking those skills that they’ve learned and finding out what they are supposed to do with them now that they have them. We keep calling this an exciting and odd existential drama. It’s about people trying to figure out who they are and where they belong in the world.

Doesn’t everyone want to know where they belong? Not only will we get to explore the main characters we met in the first season, but we get to add a few more as well. Abuchon let us in on one, but we learned there will be others as well, though they are still be kept secret for now.

So this season the three of our heroes Tess, Burton, and Taka, and a few additional people we’re bringing into the mix that we’re very excited about. Taka has a new partner at the 51st precinct in the Bronx. We’ve got a fun adventure cooked up for the second season.

Where do we go from here

Falling Water


Our characters got put through hell in the first season. But now they know what kind of powers they have and they just have to figure out how to use them to help each other. Remi Aubuchon reveals a bit more about what our three characters went through in the first season, and what they’re going to have to deal with in the second.

If Tess’ journey last season was about finding her son, this season is actually about finding herself. Finding out who she is. Because there’s more unanswered questions. Burton has gone through a true existential crisis where he thought he didn’t care about anything. He thought he was just there to be a fixer. But suddenly when he finally realized the implications of what he was involved in, felt that he had to do something. This season will be a lot about him trying to rectify the horror that he was partially responsible for in the first season. Taka who has, I think, gone through the hardest stuff in the first season. Never completely reconciling his relationship with his mother.

Yikes! If we thought things got heavy in the first season, that’s nothing compared to what it looks like we’ll be facing in the second.

Dream worlds

Falling Water

One point of confusion seemed to come from the dream sequences in the first season. Viewers had a difficult time figuring out which scene was a dream, and which scene was real. This is something that’s going to drastically change. Tim Andrew talked with us a bit more on the dream side of things.

I think that’s one of the great things about the show. Unlike any other television show out there, you have access to dreams. To shoot those as part of the story is a gift that we’ve exploited The writers have been writing fantastic sequences that have opened up endless possibilities. We could have every dream be different. You might have a nightmare one night and a happy dream the next. Everybody is going to have different dreams on different days.

Not only is it going to be clearer when we’re witnessing dream sequences, but they’re going to be more mesmerizing than ever too! We can’t wait to see what dreams our characters are going to have this season. Especially since they’ve all realized they have special powers. Tim Andrew went on to tell us a bit more about the dream element of the series.

The simpler they are, often the more impressive they are. That’s a great element that the show has that most shows don’t have. It’s not just random dreams that we just throw in there. It’s story driven and they get useful information out of these dreams. Even if they don’t quite understand what information they’re getting at that moment.

Let us know in the comments below what you’re most excited about this season! Be sure to check out Pure Fandom every day for all your entertainment needs! You can also catch season two of Falling Water on USA Network later this year.


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