Home Comics ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ recap 1×04 “Fifteen”
‘Marvel’s Runaways’ recap 1×04 “Fifteen”

‘Marvel’s Runaways’ recap 1×04 “Fifteen”


Marvel’s Runaways recap Season 1, Episode 4, Released on Hulu, Nov. 28th, 2017

This week’s episode was all about the relationship and ties that bind them. Not only for our favorite group of soon to be heroes, but for our super villains as well. Deeper friendships and bonds will be forged as the kids really start learning more about themselves and each other. Aww!

Mixed messages

Gert and Karolina make an unlikely team once again! Gert double times her duty as a good friend when she agrees to help Karolina find out what happened at the party, and try to prove their parents may be innocent. We doubt it, but we give you all kudos for trying! Chase has an important decision when it comes time to face the lacrosse team. We have to say, we’re pretty proud of the one he made. Way to stand up for what’s right, Chase!

Marvel's Runaways recap 1x04

The secrets of what happened at the party are revealed with Chase’s side of the story. To say thanks, Karolina decides to show him something special. Not the kind of special that Chase is clearly hoping for, but something pretty great all the same. Karolina glows! Literally. Her skin turns into a rainbow of light. While we don’t really get it much in the beginning, we see later that she is a beacon of light.


Our hearts break a little for Nico as she remembers the death of her sister in a vivid flashback. Nico begins putting everything together and starts to suspect that the group’s parents could have been responsible for Amy’s death. Then Nico really gets our tears flowing as we see in flashbacks the way her personality has changed from the loss of her sister. We knew we would see a bit more about Amy eventually, but we never expected to be dealt such a dose of the feels.

Marvel's Runaways recap 1x04

Karolina’s perfect girl facade is all but nonexistent at this point. While her faith has her looking for a way to explain what her parents were doing, the rational part of her brain knows it wasn’t anything good. When she’s hit in the face by harsh realities about her mother, it seems she’s left with more than just shaken faith. Our hearts go out to Karolina, but the good news is she is certainly not alone. All the parents are in this together, which puts all of the kids in it together as well.

Dinosaur handlings

Molly once again proves her strength as she takes on the dinosaur! Who better matched for the beast than the girl with super strength? She fights the best she can, but it’s a good thing Gert comes in when she does. Especially since she can somehow control the dino. They end up forming what looks like a pet/owner bond. But this is one pet we don’t think she’s going to be allowed to keep in the house.

Marvel's Runaways recap 1x04

The dinosaur escaping causes Gert’s parents to consider telling them the truth about everything. Not only that, but they decide it would be best for their family entirely to get out of town. It seems like maybe they feel some guilt over their actions. But we’re thinking it may just be too little too late. They can’t expect their kids to stay in the dark forever about their activities. Their safe plans don’t seem all that safe, either.

Secrets and lies

Tina puts a stop to any plans Gert’s parents may have of leaving town. This just makes her seem all the more guilty for Molly’s birth parents’ death. This also leads to Gert having a bit of a fallout with her father, but it’s all lies in favor of protecting her from the truth. It seems a pretty poor way to do it. The kids are really going to start pulling away from their parents if this is how the situations are dealt with.

Marvel's Runaways recap 1x04

These aren’t the only exposed secrets and lies, as Nico and Alex catch Victor and Robert at the police station. This leads them to the only reasonable conclusion. Their parents have the local cops on their payroll. Then there’s Karolina’s situation with her parents. She’s learned some of the truth about her mother, and she can no longer turn her back or make excuses.

Marvel's Runaways recap 1x04

What did you think of this episode? Who’s power do you think we’ll discover next? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Be sure to check with Pure Fandom daily for all your entertainment needs! Don’t forget to catch Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu where new episodes are released every Tuesday!

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