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‘Empire’ recap 4×07 “The Lady Doth Protest”

‘Empire’ recap 4×07 “The Lady Doth Protest”


Empire recap: Season 4, Episode 7, “The Lady Doth Protest”, aired Nov. 29th, 2017

The memories just keep on flowing as remnants of our Lucious make themselves known. We enjoyed you while you were here, Dwight, but we aren’t too sad to be seeing you go either. Even though the ruling has been stated, the Lyons aren’t just going to accept it.

The reign of Eddie

Eddie seems to be getting a little too comfortable in his new role within the company. Not only is he short with all of the employees, but he is expecting an awful lot out of them. Most of whom, already give Empire everything they’ve got. Forcing them to stay up all night and then getting upset when their exhaustion causes mistakes? Not a cool move, Eddie. We’re beginning to wonder about Cookie’s enthusiasm to bringing you in.

Calvin has no problem telling Porsha how he feels about the entire situation. He also has no problems telling her his opinion on Cookie’s treatment of her. Now that we think about it, it hasn’t gotten much better since the very first interaction between Cookie and her assistant. Has it just happened so frequently that we stopped paying attention to it all? Oops.

The battle for Bella

Even though Hakeem had nothing nice to say about his family to little Bella, they are still standing beside him trying to find a way to get the baby back! That’s not to say that they aren’t completely pissed about the entire thing. But they are willing to put it to the side until they get her back.

Empire recap 4x07

The first step involves Lucious going to Anika’s and seemingly making a deal with her. If she wants a quarter of the company, she can have it. As long as she agrees to share custody of Bella. We know there is no way Lucious would share the company with Anika in that way, amnesia or not. But the patriarch does manage to snag a visit with Bella and the rest of the Lyon clan while Anika makes her decision.

Coocious: on or not?

We’re still rooting for Lucious and Cookie and we always will. We thought they would have found their way back to one another now, with all that’s been going on with Lucious regaining his memory. But we suppose there have been a few obstacles and pressing matters in their way. That doesn’t mean Lucious is going to slow down when it comes to supporting and defending his lady love.

Empire recap 4x07

When Porsha confronts Cookie with the truth about what the employees think of Eddie, Lucious helps provide a quick shut down. He also assures Cookie that she doesn’t have anything to worry about with him, because he’s got her back. This prompts a little flashback from Cookie as well as she remembers that Lucious wasn’t always her right hand man. He certainly wasn’t always her best friend or devoting husband either.

Romantic mess

We have no idea why we are shipping Andre and Pamela. We all know it isn’t going to end any other way than bloody. That, or someone is going to end up dead. Or in jail. Basically, it just isn’t going to work out. Though Empire has always had a way of surprising us. So who really knows?

Empire recap 4x07

The ship just keeps on rising as Andre ignores all of Porsha’s employee concerns due to finding out about Pamela being involved in a shootout. She hasn’t been answering his calls, and he has no idea if she is okay or not. After doing some pill popping that we’re sure is a great help to finding her, she finds him instead. The good news is she’s fine. The bad news is, we’ve got another crazy person on our hands. She reveals that she informed her superiors that she was involved in a shoot out and had no choice but to kill the suspect. Pamela tells Andre that she planted the gun. Now that she has told him an incriminating secret, she wants one from him. Well played, well played.

Strike them down

Calvin tries to go head to head with Eddie, but it doesn’t exactly work to Calvin’s favor. When things begin spiraling out of control, it’s Cookie who cools things down. We’re not shocked. This woman has proven time and time again that she is a true leader.

Empire recap 4x07


She’s not the only one that exudes her inner Lyon, as Jamal finds about Warren’s little secret. He certainly doesn’t take it lightly as he attacks Warren. While we were loving the entire showdown, Diana was too. What she wanted all along was a video that would show the bad side of the Lyons. So yes, Warren deserved every punch, but the question is going to be if the consequences are worth it all.

Empire recap 4x07

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