5 shows to binge-watch on Netflix over the holidays

The holidays are fast approaching, and however you plan on spending them, we’re going to guess you’ll need Netflix to help you cope after all the inevitable family drama. Besides, what are the holidays for if not to overeat, fight with your parents about your life choices, and then pretend you don’t feel well so you can retreat to your childhood bedroom to drink alone and watch Netflix until you pass out?

Because we care about your happiness this holiday season, here are five binge-worthy shows on Netflix we recommend you watch instead of interacting with your dysfunctional family.

The Killing

Character-driven detective procedural that will kick you in the feels

the killing netflix
Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

If you’re into crime dramas with characters you’ll quickly become attached to, The Killing is right up your alley. With detective duo Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman), you’ll get your intricate whodunnit cases, but you’ll also delve deep into their own personal lives and wealth of issues. Warning: You’re going to need all the wine your Aunt Kathy left at your parent’s house for this one. It closely following a family who loses their daughter, and it gets pretty heartbreaking.

Watch if you like: Luther, The Fall, The Following, Bloodline


1977 crime drama based on a true story

mindhunter netflix
Merrick Morton/Netflix

This is a must-watch new show, and with only ten episodes, it’s totally bingeable. There’s been a lot of buzz about this show, so if you haven’t watched it yet, now’s your time. There’s nothing quite like this show. It’s a mix between a procedural crime show, a historical account of how the FBI began categorizing and studying serial killers, and a drama that follows the personal lives of the agents in charge of it all. Plus, Rotten Tomatoes rated it a 96%, so that basically means it’s a 100% to the rest of us.

Watch if you like: Criminal Minds, Stranger Things, Narcos

Schitt’s Creek

Hilarious sitcom that will have you in stitches

Schitts Creek

Ready for a new plethora of one-liners to endlessly quote with your friends? This show has them in spades. The Canadian sitcom has three seasons currently on Netflix, and at just 21 minutes each, you can fly through every delightfully witty episode before you ring in the New Year. The series is the brainchild of Eugene Levy (American Pie) and his son, Dan Levy, and follows a wealthy family that loses everything and is forced to move to the tiny town of Schitt’s Creek.

Watch if you like: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Good Place, Friends

The OA

Sci-fi, fantasy series that will keep you saying ‘WTF’

the oa
JoJo Whilden/Netflix

The OA will keep you guessing until the very end. It’s one of those shows you should watch in tandem with another friend so that you can discuss your theories about WTF is going on together. Brit Marling (who also created the show) stars as a blind girl who shows back up mysteriously with perfect eyesight after being missing for seven years. This is barely the tip of the iceberg in explaining what the series is all about… so just do yourself a favor and watch it (then listen to us dissect the insane ending). The OA was renewed for a season 2 on Netflix, but there’s no word yet on a release date.

Watch if you like: Sense 8, The Returned, Black Mirror

The Magicians

Grown-up Harry Potter with a sizzling cast

the magicians

If you’re looking for a new sci-fi series to get sucked into, The Magicians is where it’s at. It follows Quentin, who gets recruited to be a student at Brakebills University — a secret institution specializing in magic. The Syfy show returns for season 3 in January, but you can watch seasons 1 and 2 now on Netflix or on Syfy.

Watch if you like: The Vampire Diaries, The 100, Lost Girl, Haven, Witches of East End


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