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Top 10 crossover interactions from “Crisis on Earth X”

What a week. Four jam-packed hours of action over two days. I’m talking about the Crisis on Earth X crossover, of course.

Most people would note that unlike the previous crossovers, Crisis on Earth X was pretty well-blended. For the most part, all four hours of the event felt seamless. This was unlike last year’s Invasion!, where the Flash hour still felt like The Flash, Arrow felt like Arrow, Legends felt like Legends, just with every other character in the Arrowverse making an appearance. Crisis on Earth X also fully utilised all four hours of its shows, whereas Supergirl was barely in the mix for Invasion! Also, this time most of the heroes were already acquainted with each other, making room for more interaction between the characters of different shows.

Without further ado, here’s our top 10, or should I say top X interactions from Crisis on Earth X.

X. Cisco and Dinah

crisis on earth x cisco ramon dinah drake black canary
image: aarchieandrews – tumblr

Remember when Cisco used to be the biggest Black Canary fangirl? These two didn’t get much time together, but whatever moments they had were fantastic. Whoever can get Cisco to laugh for so long in the middle of a battle must be doing something right.

IX. Nate and Kara

crisis on earth x supergirl commander steel kara danvers nate heywood
image: sarapyon – tumblr

The Man of Steel catching the Girl of Steel! Oh Nate, does he know Superman exists? That was a good line, regardless.

VIII. Kara and Ray

crisis on earth x atom ray palmer kara danvers
image: the CW

I found it odd that Ray was seemingly not invited to the wedding ceremony. He has been in the Arrowverse for a while now and knows all the mains. Still, he had a great entrance as the Atom, stopping Thawne from cutting out Kara’s heart. It would have been cute if Kara and Ray got to catch up under less extenuating circumstances. They both have really bright personalities.

VII. Cisco and Waverider

crisis on earth x cisco ramon harry wells
image: heckyeahharrisco – tumblr

Cisco flying the Waverider was something I did not know I needed until it happened. Seriously. Best. Thing. Ever. I also laughed when Cisco called Gideon the “disembodied voice lady”. Doesn’t he remember talking to her in the time vault at Star Labs?



VI. Killer Frost, Amaya and Zari

crisis on earth x killer frost vixen amaya jiwe caitlin snow zari tomaz
image: dailydcheroes – tumblr

A girl squad I did not expect, but ended up wanting more of. That shot of Killer Frost ice-surfing the other two up to the evil Waverider was all sorts of awesome. And then they just casually took out the whole Nazi crew. All in a day’s work.

V. Iris and Felicity

crisis on earth x iris west felicity smoal arrowverse
image: the CW

Their sneaking around Star Labs was a nice coda to the Girls’ Night Out episode. Iris was totally cool, knowing her way through the Star Labs vents. It really showcased how comfortable she has become working in the lab and on Team Flash. Felicity showed off her tech expertise as usual. It’s only unfortunate that their handiwork was so quickly undone.

IV. Mick and Caitlin

crisis on earth x mick rory caitlin snow killer frost heat wave
image: aarchieandrews – tumblr

Killer Frost and Heat Wave! I think these two would be an amazing duo. Too bad there wasn’t enough time for them to have a real side-by-side action scene. Mick obviously is into Caitlin’s edginess, plus a bit of sentiment for all things icy. Their character arcs are also pretty complimentary. Caitlin is fighting her evil side, while Mick doesn’t really acknowledge that he has a good heart.

III. Sara and Alex

crisis on earth x arrowverse sara lance alex danvers
image: the CW

What’s a wedding without the guests hooking up, am I right? It was pretty much given from the get go that these two would just be a fling. What worked in the end was that Sara and Alex have one big thing in common: they both love their sisters. Sara was able to relate to Alex’s fear of losing Kara, and thus help Alex calm down. By the end of the event, Alex also gained some confidence regarding her view of her relationships.


II. Leo Snart and everyone

crisis on earth x leonard snart barry allen
image: misomeru – tumblr

Oh, how I’ve missed Wentworth Miller. Leo Snart, Lenny’s goodie Earth X doppelganger had lots of good moments with pretty much everyone he spoke to. He flirted with Sara. He hugged Barry. He had a short but poignant conversation with Mick. Also, he and Ray “The Ray” Terrell were super sweet with each other.

By the way, Barry’s impression of Earth 1 Snart was really amusing.


I. Firestorm and Caitlin

crisis on earth x martin stein
image: itberice – tumblr

Before Firestorm joined the Legends, Professor Stein and Jefferson Jackson met through Team Flash. The original Firestorm duo of Stein and Ronnie Raymond also debuted on that show. Stein officiated Caitlin and Ronnie’s wedding. Caitlin, Cisco and Harry were the ones who helped stabalize the Firestorm matrix, it was only fitting that they perfected the serum to separate Jax and Stein. Caitlin, especially stood out on the Flash side of this interaction. No one can forget her sweet but tragic relationship with Ronnie. She was also the one who reached out to Jax and convinced him to take up the Firestorm mantle.

Ultimately, this crossover interaction takes home the big prize because of its emotional gravitas. In the first hour of the crossover, Caitlin and Stein had a moment to reconnect and remember Ronnie. Caitlin was also the one who checked up on Stein and Jax when they were both unconscious on the Waverider. At the end, she noted that now Stein could see Ronnie again. It was a neat way to retire the superhero while acknowledging everyone who made Firestorm possible.

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(featured image: the CW)


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