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Holidays in Storybrooke: How our favorite ‘Once Upon a Time’ characters celebrate the season

Gather round to hear how Once Upon a Time characters celebrate the holidays!

Tis the season to be jolly and obsess over your favorite fictional characters. That’s the saying, right? To get in the holiday spirits, I have put together an article of my head canons of what Storybrooke gets up to during the season. There’s a lot of spiked egg nog flowing.

Emma and Killian cook Christmas dinner

Emma and Killian definitely got stuck making the family dinner. Since Emma is pregnant, her family wanted her to take it easy. Between Killian flicking flour into Emma’s hair, and Emma scolding Killian for acting like a petulant child, they somehow manage to make a dinner. Although, Emma does set off the fire alarms in their house, earning a “bloody hell” from Killian. Of course, they do manage to make some pancakes in between all the holiday cooking. Whoops.

Snow and Charming decorate like it’s going out of style

Christmas music is blasting through the house as Snow adds the finishing touches of tinsel on their tree. The Charmings are hosting dinner this year. Baby Neal is helping Charming hang up the ornaments. Dancing ensues while they decorate because the Charmings are that kind of family. When it comes time to put the star upon the tree, they shut off the lights to see the Christmas tree sparkling before their eyes.

Zelena and Regina raid the stores for gifts

Meanwhile, Zelena and Regina have put off buying presents for everyone. Again. Racing through the aisles of the stores in Storybrooke, they both find the perfect presents for their friends and family. Regina even finds a nice eye pencil for Killian. It’s the thought that counts. They run into the Golds; Gideon wearing a Santa hat. Robyn even contributes to picking out the presents for baby Neal and the upcoming little Jones bundle of joy. On their way out of the grocery store, Zelena can’t help but buy a gingerbread house for Robyn and her to build.

Killian insists on chopping down the tree with his hook

Emma and Killian walk hand-in-hand down the snowy paths of the Christmas tree farm. Every year, the couple picks out a tree. And every year, Killian insists he can chop down the tree with just his hook. Time and time again, he only manages to put a knick in the tree stump. Apparently the hook is not multifunctional to Killian’s dismay. This year, Emma finds a Charlie Brown looking tree and insists they buy it. Not one to argue with his pregnant wife, Killian hauls it onto the top of their bug.

Killian and David accidentally get drunk on the spiked egg nog

The whole gang is laughing and sharing holiday cheer together at the Charmings. However, the spiked egg nog seems to have made quite the effect on David and Killian; the men singing loudly for all to hear. All is merry and bright as they eat, open gifts and warm up by the fire.

In my head, the gang celebrates the holidays like the rest of us. Minus the fact they live in a make believe town, but that’s a minuscule detail. How do you think they celebrate the season? Sound off below!

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