‘Gotham’ recap: 4×10 “Things That Go Boom”

Gotham recap: Season 4, Episode 10, “Things That Go Boom,” Aired Nov 30, 2017

You know things are going to be good when the episode opens with a murder via vinyl record in Arkham prison. That’s right, Pyg is still making trouble, even from prison. But life goes on in Gotham. Penguin has officially declared Sofia his enemy, but she is not going down easily. And in a less desirable neighborhood of Gotham, Lee struggles to maintain control of the Narrows.

So what’s with the episode title? Let’s break down the episode highlights to find out what exactly went boom.

Who is Professor Pyg?

Gotham 4x10 recap Things That Go Boom Jim Gordon Professor Pyg identity

Turns out Pyg has had some work done, so the face he wears is not actually his own. At first, all the police know of the real Pyg is an X-ray that helps them recreate what he once looked like.
And then Jim Gordon waltzes into the prison and provokes Pyg to the point where his real accent slips out; Pyg is southern.

Lazlo Valentin is Professor Pyg, but who is Lazlo Valentin? He was a murderer down South before he escaped prison. And, of course, he manages to do it again. Professor Pyg is on the loose once more.

War in the Narrows

Lee’s control over the Narrows is slipping as Sampson – a rival neighborhood ruler – attempts to take over now that Cherry is dead, invalidating any deals made with her. Lee tries to resolve the issue peacefully, despite Nygma’s insistence that she just send Grundy to deal with the rivals, but her efforts result in her clinic being trashed. This means war.

Lee plays smart and poisons her Sampson’s drink. She only provides him with the antidote when he agrees to clear out of the Narrows. And that’s a win for Lee and the Narrows.

Gotham 4x10 recap Things That Go Boom Ed Nygma Lee Thompkins and The Narrows

Ed Nygma was by Lee’s side for the whole ordeal. Nygma makes a great sidekick, but he knows he was meant to be a villain all on his own. Lee promised to make him smart again, but it has yet to happen. Why? Because Nygma has nothing physically wrong with him. His problem is psychological. Now Nygma has a choice: remain Ed Nygma or return to The Riddler.

Gotham 4x10 recap Things That Go Boom Ed Nygma is The Riddler again

Sofia plays them all

Gotham 4x10 recap Things That Go Boom the sirens of Gotham and Sofia Falcone

Making enemies of both Gordon and Penguin, Sofia has been successful thus far in bringing Gotham to the brink of war. Penguin failed to kill her twice in this episode, and she manages to talk her way out of capture from Barbara, Selina, and Tabitha.

Gotham 4x10 recap Things That Go Boom Selina Kyle thinks Sofia Falcone has lost

However, there are no better grounds for bonding than a common enemy. Sofia has pushed Gordon and Penguin into making a deal against her. Gordon is going to send Sofia out of Gotham, and Penguin has to stop his license system. She even fails to win over Gordon with a kiss. He sends her on her way. Talk about rejection.


But as usual, Sofia has the upper hand. The sirens work for her now – sort of. She did save their lives from Zsasz and his rocket launcher, so they capture Martin on her behalf. Sofia doesn’t leave Gotham. She takes over Penguin’s underground instead, but not before he declares war.

Gotham 4x10 recap Things That Go Boom War in Gotham Penguin and Sofia Falcone

Things that went boom:

Gotham 4x10 recap Things That Go Boom Victor Zsasz

-Pyg’s temper

-Sofia’s relationships with everyone

-Penguin’s relationship with Martin (at least for a little while)

-The headquarters of the sirens of Gotham

-Penguin’s control of Gotham’s underground

-Sampson’s attempted control of the Narrows

-Martin (but not really – he just had to look like he was blown up in front of Sofia. Don’t worry. He’s totally fine.)

Gotham 4x10 recap Things That Go Boom Penguin Martin is alive

-Nygma’s current worldview

-Pyg’s identity

-Pyg’s time in prison


Next week is the fall finale. Bruce and Alfred go head to head as Bruce attempts to continue his teenage partying, we get more Pyg now that he’s out of prison, Penguin continues his war on Sofia, and Jerome returns. We got some flashes of The Riddler in tonight’s episode, so the fall finale is looking like it will have plenty of villains. I hope you’ll all return next week for the intense fall finale of Gotham!


Next week:

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