Marvel releases highly anticipated ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ trailer

IT’S HERE! The highly-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War trailer that we’ve all been waiting for has finally been released. The trailer opens with a montage of some of our favorite Marvel characters with a dramatic voice over:

There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people, to see if we could become something more. So when they needed us, we could fight the battles that they never could.

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The trailer features some ‘marvel’ous character art before showing our favorite band of superheroes facing off against Thanos’ and his evil forces. Make sure you watch the trailer all the way to the end so that you don’t miss Star Lord and the gang showing up to join the fight! No doubt this group of otherworldly outlaws will be providing plenty of comedic relief in the action-packed film.

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While we get a look at most of the superheros we know will be featured in the film, we’re sure more cameos will be made. Who do you want to see appear in Infinity War that was missing from the trailer?

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters May 4, 2018. 

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