‘Justice League’ Review: The good, the bad and the mustache

Guest post by Mike Bonney (@Darth_Bonney)


It finally happened! The most iconic characters in the superhero universe all together, as one big happy family (plus Batman). Did it live up to its potential?  Did it have me cheering in my seat grinning from ear to ear? Did it leave me excited about the future of the DC Universe? Well… no.

To say this movie was a disappointment would be an understatement. It can best be described as fine. Not Suicide Squad – terrible, but nowhere near the level of what Wonder Women brought to the table. (Side note: maybe DC should think about taking the keys to the universe from Zack Snyder and giving them to Patty Jenkins, who actually knows how to make a complete movie). Basically, these are some of the most well-known and interesting superheroes out there and this movie did not do them justice.

So where did it go wrong? There are actually a lot of good things I really enjoyed about this movie so let’s start there.


The Good

The Flash. My favorite part of the movie.  He was funny, he was goofy, and his humor didn’t feel out of place (I’m looking at you “funny” Batman). The costume still kind of bugs me, but I found myself enjoying this version of the Flash way more than I thought I would.

Aquaman.  He can be best described as the belligerent drunk of this movie, and I actually liked this portrayal. I assume we will get the story on his rise to the throne in his solo movie, but I was okay with him being the reluctant hero.


Wonder Woman.  Just as amazing as ever – what more can you say? That scene with her lasso and Aquaman was just perfect.

Superman.  The best scene in the entire movie is when Kal comes back and kicks the living shit out of the rest of the Justice League. The look on Flash’s face before he was almost killed by the Man of Steel was just priceless.


The Bad

Where do I even begin? How about with the villain, Steppenwolf? He felt like such a generic bad guy with a super generic plan to destroy the world. This is a common problem with a lot of superhero movies, but I just expected so much more for the Justice League. I know he has a connection to Darkseid, but aside from one passing mention that connection wasn’t clear to the audience. His defeat was a total let down. His fear army turned on him because he was the one afraid now? Give me a break.

Batman. Full disclosure, I do not like Batman. He just gets on my nerves.  But what bothers me about this movie is the forced humor coming out of him. We all know what he is – moody and depressing. I don’t need a bunch of forced dad joke and one-liners from him.


The Return of Superman.  Okay, now here is where I started to get annoyed. Bringing Kal back with the motherbox was ridiculous. It felt like they wanted to bring him back in a way that made Batman the hero, so they forced this on us. And if he needed to be jump started like that, then why did the earth move at the end of BvS?

The Death of Superman. It also feels like this movie (and the DC movie universe) cheated us out of the classic story of the death and return of Superman. Where was the black suit? Where is the Eradicator? Where is his long flowing hair? The Justice League should have been about them fighting Doomsday and kicking off the Death of Superman story-line. Wasting that villain at the end of BvS was a poor and unnecessary choice.

Lack of Origins. This kind of movie desperately needed the solo movies first, especially Aquaman. What is his story? Why is he not king? I liked the character, but some of the connection was missing by not getting his story out there first. It was a mistake on the part of DC to rush into the “team up” movie before laying the groundwork. You felt an emotional connection to Wonder Woman, but that was about it.


The Ugly (aka the Mustache)

What in the world was up with Superman’s face?  Yeah, I know he had a mustache for a different movie, but that was the best they could do to edit it out? They should have just left the mustache on him at that point because the editing looked super weird.

I really wanted this movie to be great. There were some things I really enjoyed, but in the end, this movie was a miss. I am also of the opinion that a lot of the problems started before this movie ever even began production, mainly the lack of solo movies before this one.

Let’s not get too down about it, though. If history is any indication, DC will probably create another universe in a couple of years (to go with the three they currently have). We can only hope that they get it right next time!

What did you think of the movie? Hit the comments and tell us! 

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Meg Bonney

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